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Не ложися на краю.
Придет серенький волчок
И ухватит за бочок.
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simply captivating.
uncomparable artist
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wow! nicee! amazing work! The rending is so great! at first i thought it was a 3d-art. 
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I absolutely love this.
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Going through your pictures, I can say that they are all disturbingly beautiful.
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This piece has been featured... [link]
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Потрясающие работы!!!!
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Класс! Философично.
Very "Tim Burton-ey".
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The coloring, rending in form, and especially the amanita muscaria shroomies are really wonderful.
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Dreary , dark & beautiful. I love it & I don't know why!
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Stunning, beautiful style.
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oh my, this goes with a story I've been writing =O I love it!
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