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This is the "official" ~glompplz stamp.

It was made by =FacetiousKellyAna
If you wish to :+fav: please do so HERE.


In honour of `hprince329 (the original creator of the glomp)
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changeofheart505's avatar
Definitely using this, I love giving glomps!
CandyDream16's avatar
Running toward someone at full speed just to hug them. I've been glommed before and it obviously didn't end very well. XD
skullofmyenemies's avatar
It's cute and all online, but in real life, it's creepy
animeponyNintendo's avatar
Linked-Sketches's avatar
when soemone sneekly hugs someone 
wenmistry's avatar
omg I glomp so much someone stop me
KimberlyTheHedgie's avatar
I sometimes glomp my friends... But I don't do it much...

And my friends are somehow a little afraid of me...
Wanwat's avatar
i got glomped once when i was a kid. a giant weeb knocked the air out of me.
LustBomber's avatar
Someone did this to me once and I broke their nose :(
jjtninja's avatar
*Reads then says* That's great that you do. Just don't give me one. Thank you.
germany-russia's avatar
someone glomped me once,
I fell over xD
xXCatLightXx's avatar
I thought it said "gluing glomps" For a second xD
Nevermoremist's avatar
HUGS!!!!! \(^-^)/
LostAtSeaOFF's avatar
LOOK OUT BELOW! Tackling hug 
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