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Yeah, I know, I know. I should continue the actual comic, but let's think about this. xD
It's not like I have inmediate plans to start making it at the moment, it's just brainstorming. :P

All my random ideas:
-> It would need a randomly generated map for the mansion. So we got different mansions every time. That's actually not that hard. 

-> You would control one character (or a few?? O_O) made of different pieces (hair, eyes, clothes...). It would be relatively easy to make a good amount of transformations changing some of these pieces.

-> Yes, it's about transformations. It would be full of artifacts, traps, weapons, objects to use and achieve things, etc, that transforms you or other people. xD

-> So it sounds like it would be some kind of weird mix of roguelike with random maps and permadeath, and classic adventure where you look for objects to use... (????) Why would you risk taking unpredictable items? To open doors? Fight enemies? Maybe some areas only let you enter if you have a specific age or sex or whatever????????

-> That means there should be some rogue creatures (Like a rogue cake!). But not hordes of them, it shouldn't be a combat based game.
Or maybe it should be, who knows yet.

-> Then... it needs to have other characters (NPCs?) to interact... and made them your allies or enemies??? Or even add them to your playable characters somehow????? Are they "playing" on their own in the meanwhile?? O_O

-> You'd need to achieve an objective according to your character (???). Probably...
Like "escape the mansion" or "save everyone you can as untransformed as possible" or "destroy the evil guy". Maybe classified as "minor victories" or "full victories" or whatever. I don't know. xD

-> Your character stats would include some mental attributes, like, for instance, "will" or "evilness".
If some curse, food, potion or whatever changes them, maybe your objective would change (???).
Like, if your "evilness" grows a lot, then your objective changes to "kill everyone" or something like that. (???????)
Or if your "will" goes really low and then you simply can't make certain actions. Maybe you have a stat called "curiosity" and if it goes crazy your character makes action on their own (sounds like the worst gameplay possible, but I'm just spewing out ideas). xDDD
Maybe the mental attributes work better for the NPCs' AI and not so much with you!

-> What about if you have "affection" for other characters so you can "fall in love" with them and more complications happens?? (Yeah, more random ideas XD).

-> You'd lose if you die (duh), lose all your... uh, mobility? speed? (become a statue or something) or absolutely lose the control of your mind (become a robotic slave of the bad guy or whatever XD).

Of course, every time I add an idea, it becomes more and more complicated, but the first two of them seem a good way to start. xD
What do you think? Sounds good? Sounds horrible? Sounds like it should be a completely different thing?
Let me know if you have some interesting ideas... :D



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You found my secret account. It was about time! :P


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Hey there, Glockens.
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