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The Meridian

I wanted to practice on my sci fi/ cyberpunk environments as I have been doing fantasy ones most of my art journey and it is good to have a change of pace to practice new techniques and genres.  This is inspired by hong kong and i wanted to emulate the variety of social classes through the complexity of architecture and lighting 
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Beautiful amazing detail!

Definitely Blade Runner-esque.

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Damn! The dragon statues are surprisingly a completeful addition!

How have given us a beautiful city scape. I particularly love the BladeRunner-style flying cars and the huge animated billboard. Very in-genre.

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Terrific work here! Love what you've done with the perspective and lightning :wave:

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Absolute Amazing!

is that blackpink? XD
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This looks insane! I can only imagine how much time and skill it took to craft this masterpiece, well done! It's truly inspiring
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Nice setting! I'm currently writing my first novel and it is a cyberpunk dystopia located in Hong Kong. Although in my world, the surface is messed up and people live underground :) keep them coming!

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