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[GIFTS] Thanks for making 2015 awesome!

Sooooo these are a bunch of sketches I managed to put together between housework and rolling on my bed being sick >:v They are for most of the people who made last year an amazing year~ of course I'd have loved to add like another 20 peeps there but I couldn't find refs of their ocs and was too shy like to ask + no time for that anymore >:UUU

For the ones of you who's ocs got doodled here but have no idea who am I or what's going on :'vvvv
Which is actually most of you lmao, well you're amazing people and I love you and admire you and your art too. And obviously you don't know it, but I'd go and stalk your art and stare amazed at it (or listen to it) and feel like I should keep trying and putting effort into mine because maybe one day I'd be as cool as you :'vvv I can dream ok and also maybe I'd be able to draw you quality fanart (no no this is not the quality fanart there's more fanart coming. Some day. Soon hopefully) because you're awesome and deserve it :dummy:
Thanks for teaching me so many things, and for giving so much happiness to us your fans every time you'd upload a new drawing or made a journal or just for rebloging something nice to your tumblr. Hope you have the bestest year so far!♥ and like the smol doodle I doodled for you :'vvv

MY FEW PRECIOUS FRIENDS I LOVE U HAPPY NEW YEAR AAAAAAA sorry for being such a bad friend sometimes and taking ages to text you back or even more ages to draw you the things I promise you and stuff like that :'vvv I'm so glad I have you guys, you're awesome and keep me alive by listening to my bad puns and complaints about how I always end up procrastinating everything over and over *rolls away* 
*rolls back* Happy super late new year again guys ;vv; also obviously the sensei paragraph above also applies to lots of you because I'm really really lucky to have such passionate and amazing artists for my homies♥

FIND YOURSELF hope it won't be too hard :'v
First line: :icondanieeglass: :iconcartoonowl: :iconbluebrush09: :iconthelionmedal: :iconarcaxon: :iconharmoniousrain: :iconshikylusion: :iconfluffy-fly:
Second line: :icongoldendust-creations: :icon8bitamy: :iconrigiroony: :iconriurekai: :iconvitaj: :iconquaazera: :icondeadlionofinsanity:
Third line: :iconmackinn7: :icondennybutt: :iconkeponii: :iconthecarbonmaestro: (And now I ship your oc with Octavia >:U) :iconassasinmonkey:
Fourth line: :iconyakovlev-vad: :iconaquagalaxy: :iconsilentwulv: :icontatiilange: :iconuchuubranko:

love you guys sorry for the ulgy fanart but it's the intention what counts right byeeeee
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*Se conecta despues de no haberlo hecho en años* :v
Muchas gracias mantis :'D todos te quedaron muy cool , si rifan jaja ok no ;v jaja I am a dummy! 
Eres una artista muy guay, dibujas muy pro \owo/ y tambien eres una muy buena manta, tal vez sha no nos vemos ni hablamos tanto pero wueno te considero mi bestie xD jaja
Te deseo lo mejor este año Lele, pásala muy muy bien Hug 
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*es feliz por que su mantis al fin se conecta*
Pff muchas gracias mija ;v; es un honor saber que mis dibujillos rifen :´vvv *lágrimas de emoción*
Aww Daniee eso vale mas que to´ lo demas, que a pesar de el tiempo y las distancias y todo sigamos siendo besties ;vvv; :hug: y muchas gracias por igual apoyarme con mi arte aunque sea todo ponies y lo mismo ;3;
Y yo a ti! a ver si en este año ya nos vemos más seguido! :la: :la:
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Si mantis! Eso es lo que importa :'D , pero tu arte es muy cool! son ponies muy chidos jaja
A ver si sí mantis!  Hug 
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Wait, whaaa? :faint: AMG! :blushes: Yan and Red Pan are there... :giggle: And so cutely, adorably smiling! :love: Thank you so, so much for such an awesome gift, it made my 2016! :'D The shading on the wings, I love itttttttt!! :love: :heart:
Going to treasure box instantly. :onfire:

(edit): forgot to add my glomps: :glomp::glomp::glomp::glomp::glomp::glomp::glomp::glomp::glomp::glomp::glomp:

Such beautiful artworks!! ;__;
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sorry for the super late response aaaaa
Yes omg I love those two! little Yan is too cute ;www; I hope I got them right! and you have no idea how happy it makes me to know you liked it <3<3<3 I drew it with tons and tons of love because I admire you soooo much sensei ;ww; it's really and honor!
omggg never enough glomps Hug Hug Bro hug Bro hug 
thank you again aaaa may 2016 bring you lots of happiness and blessings!<3
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I seriously just can't BELIEVE how insanely talented of an artist you are!! They all look amazing like Jesus Christ. Amazing work as always!! :D
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;www; <3 dude thank you soooo much, but it's way more hard work than talent tbh ;w; hope you have the bestest year! >:'3
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No problem! Yeah, you are right, it's just hard work really throughout you improving your drawing skills. ;w;

Hope you have the bestest year as well!^v^
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wow! ;u;
Thank you so much ahhh ;v; 
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you're super welcome sensei ♥♥♥♥ I really really love your work hhhh ;v; the way you use colors and shine and everything looks so cute and perfect and your ocs are so pretty aaaaaaa
ok sorry, I fangirl a lot ;vv;♥ just wanted to wish you the best year evurrr~
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Wonderful sketches! I'm glad you had a good onto 201!!! Can't wait to see more of your art!
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Thank you!♥ And yeshhh 2016 shall be awesome for all of us♥♥♥
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Holy shet these are amazing ;w; It must've been hard to  get all of this dooooooooooone these are so many drawwwwwwwings, and they're all super great damn son 
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Eee thank you ;uu; your chibipeen would have been there too if I wasn't trying to keep it showable to my lil sis
It was! >:U but I loved eeet because I'm so lazy and I didn't have to color here so yea
thank u again ;vvv;
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You're welcoooomeeeeee! OMFG rip chibipeen..
Coloring all of them would've been too damn hard omg
You're welcome again xD
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This is really cool! Thank you!^^

and thank you for love my works! this means a lot to me!

Oh! also Happy new year~
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;vv; aww I'm glad you like it! I wanted to draw the whole squad but in the end Ellie won because she's so cool omg ;vv; I swear I'm gonna draw all of them in action and color and all awesome someday♥
;ww; it's only logical I do! you're like, my glitter master *v* I really really love the way you use shine and colors!
Happy new year!♥ Hope it's full of happiness and success for you~
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AWWWW THE JOEN AND REINA PIC! Also you have absolutely amazing art wow, love the shading! :D Thank you so much for drawing them! They're gorgeous!!! ;v; I love this so much <3333
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Yuusss I love those two so much ;33; it's my fave of all the Joen ships ♥ And omgg thank youuu that means so much to me! ;vv; because I've been looking up to you since the time when I knew absolutely nothing about art, but it makes me so glad now being able to feel confident enough to doodle you things and knowing you like them aaaa thanks to you for letting us do fanart of them!~ hope you have an amazing year sensei ♥♥
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Yey Lissy is there ;U;
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Lissy had to be there ;vv; because she's awesome and I can't wait to see more of her new blooog♥♥
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