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bright eyes of the solstice

monthly prompt | june 2021
summer solstice 
(TW for very mild trypophobia)

those who created ēostre's original form have long since abandoned the unforgiving tundra. the reverence for rabbits has waned in the presence of easier, more reliable food sources. but their awe of the sun never ceases. each year, an ancient circadian rhythm ticks down:

ēostre turns her face to the sun and rejoices.

10AP - shaded illustration
+5AP - full body
+5AP - minimal background
+10AP - monthly prompt
+5AP - personal work
total: 35AP

(for ēostre)
4GP - shaded illustration
+2GP - full body
+2GP - minimal background 
+1GP - monthly prompt
total: 9GP
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woahhhhhhhhhh this is stunning!

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wahhhhhhhhh thank you!!! 😭

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