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I'm looking at buying a new character or two. Points or real currency. Not complicated, not too simple. Lemme know what you may have for sale! Thanks!
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*Tagged by SivensArt   
*Answer 12 questions you have been asked.
*Then create 12 questions for people you tagged.
*Choose 12 people.
*Actually tag these people.
*Can't say you don't do tags.


Have you ever had an exotic pet? Yes, many. I currently have [other than my cat, dog and hamster]: snake, tarantula, scorpion, and a new frog [C. cranwelli]

Whats the weirdest dream you ever had? The recurring one where I'm a little girl and Freddy Kruger kills me.

Whats your favorite animal? Horse, cat, dog and snake.

Whats the scariest thing you've ever experienced? Choking on food in a restaurant, and not knowing what to do.

Have you ever broken any bones? If so, how many and which ones? Never confirmed, except I've had tiny fractures in my feet from dropping a heavy electric organ [the kind your Great Grandparents had], on my foot as I was helping carry it downstairs. My feet have never been the same.

Would you rather ride roller coasters or trains? Trains! I looooove Trains!

If you could commission any one person for anything for you wanted for free, who would you? Oh, wow. Well, for art I have so many brilliant artists. But, I'd probably commission kitfaced or Colonels-Corner for a set of bases or @Renegumnums for a collection of pet portraits :love:

Would you rather win a million dollars or have any pets you ever wanted with no catch? Ooh, tricky. First instinct is to say free pets, if there is no catch, then they'd not cost me extra to care for, right? XD Actually, I'd say the money, so I can buy a home, get bills paid off, get a couple vehicles in good shape and fill freezers, fridge and pantry. I'd have a whole new room designed with new enclosures for all my pets that require such domiciles. 

Have you ever once liked a drink and now hate it? If so, what is it? Coke Zero. Used to drink it [or similar version], on the daily. Now I can't stand it, tastes like arse.

Would you rather be hot or cold? Why? Dammit, why not somewhere in the middle? If I had to choose, cold. Because I can put more clothes on to feel warmer, and there is only so much I can do to keep myself cool.

Have you ever gotten a pet and regretted it later? If so, what pet and why? Yes, cockatiels. I have allergies to birds [dander, feathers, etc], and they are so loud that they started triggering huge aural migraines. So, no more screaming birds for me. I'd have a Dove again [pigeon or ringneck]. Maybe a budgie.

If you lost every friend you ever had (had a falling out), would you try to get them back or find new ones? Depends on what it was about. I lost most of my friends many years ago. One I reached out to, after my niece died and put things into perspective. We reconnected and have remained friends. Another I tried to reach out to, but she is not interested in me. It's too bad, I am finally financially stable enough to pay her back for everything she's helped out with. Oh well.

If you could have 1 thing for free what would you get? Price doesn't matter. Groceries for life!


What's your favourite pet?

What's your favourite plant or flower?
What food do you crave most often?
Do you have any pets? If yes, what kind? If no, why not?
Favourite song right now?
What is your most comfortable piece of clothing?
Who are your top 3 YouTubers?
What is your favourite book or book series?
What is your favourite snack?
Favourite coffee place?
Favourite name for a male, and a female [don't need to be names for humans]?
If you had any one wish for yourself come true, what would that be?


Thanks to anyone who actually does this ;) 
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I have several Characters that I'd like to revamp, and some that I'm just looking for a full ref. Some also just need some art done :)
They are all animals, dogs mainly. Some cats, reptiles, horses, etc.

So I decided to come here, and seek suggestions and examples of people's work.

I'm willing to pay in the following currencies:
:dollarus: PayPal
:dollarus: E-Transfer if you are in 
:points: dA Points
:arc: Furry-Paws Currency

So please post! Show me examples, and let me know what your going rates are!

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I went to upload some art I made for myself, as it has been quite a while since I've uploaded anything I actually made for myself....and I have nothing O.O; [Time to get making!]
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1 min read
Soo, guess who finally decided to see if her new computer was compatible with her crappy ass tablet? And guess who finally saw how fucking awesome it works with a computer meant to handle such things? Yeah, this chick 😉

Soon, art! New stuff. Probably not any good, haha, but I try.

Well, I was diagnosed with Chronic Body Pain, Fibromyalgia and a few other things, as of late. I haven't done much with art, as it's been very painful to do so. So when I have some good days, I will be making new art.

I'm also back on furry paws. I'm not a huge player any longer, but I'm hoping to earn enough fake money to buy some arty things. I already blew through 350 FPP in a matter of 2 weeks XP Oy.

And along the FP line, I'm thinking of opening up some easy to color tag sales again. Just simple ones. Nothing fantabulous. And for simple refs only. Maybe even premades 😉

See you 'round!
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