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Utu class battle planetoid

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Fans of David Weber's "Empire from the Ashes" series of novels will know who/what this is right away.
the Utu class Battle Planetoids were the most powerful combat units employed by the 4th Imperium, 50,000 years ago. the size of a large moon, able to hit velocities of over half the speed of light and accellerations of thousands of gravities, equipped with an Enachanach drive that uses controlled gravitational singularities ('black holes') to propell the ship at high FTL speeds within our own universe. the ship is a warship, equiped with direct fire weaponry sufficent to devestate masive fleets, and thousands of faster-than-light-missile launchers (each able to shatter planets), as well as a defensive sheild able to shrug off such firepower. all controleld by a hyper intelligent AI system.
an Utu class planetoid is what Deathstars hope to become when they grow up.

The image is of the Utu class planetoid Dahak on it's journey into the sol system 50,000 years ago, before it replaced earths moon for camofluage, and well before the mutiny by Anu led to it's crew being stranded on earth and setting up terran civilization.

this was a fairly simple build. Dahak is so huge (it masquerades as OUR MOON for 50,000 years..), that there is little to no surface detail to worry about. just a giant sphere and the continent sized dragon icon. i added the smaller domes based on the art for Heirs of Empire, which had a cover showing the Imperial Terra self destructing. since Imperial terra was a earth built copy of the 4th empire version of the Utu class, i went with the idea. the color is based on the gold-bronze colored alloy described as comprising Dahaks hull and much of it's interior.

as far as i know, this is the only artwork that has tried to depict dahak as he really looked..
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Ah yes, the 4th Imperium with planetoid warships that also launch Warships from themselves on top of the arsenal you mentioned and they had fleets of these ship and along with some ships even bigger than that.
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IIRC, hundreds of battleships the size of skyscrapers, and thousands of fighters.. each packing the same kinds of weapons and defenses as on the main ships just in smaller forms..
yeah, i'd forgotten about those when posting. but the image was of the planetoid, so i think the lack doesn't really effect much.

of course ,their enemies flew 'scouting fleets' of several million starships the size of super-stardestroyers, so a battle planetoid and compliment was often not enough... especially when the much larger main fleets show up..
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Aaww YEEaah!

Been waiting for someone to do something like this!