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grammatical cocaine
i don't think there are enough
 words and grammatical points
to put into words the sadness i feel,
  the wetness behind my eyes,
the heaviness in my chest.
i've cried,
i still died; I'm still fried.
i want to l a u g h at how s t u p i d this is,
but at the same time
 i want to numb myself in the cocaine-
colored sparkles on the ground.
i have 1000+ reasons to just shut the hell up and s m i l e,
but i have 2000+ reasons to throw a well thought out,
grammatically c o r r e c t fit.
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nana's note
i know one day
you will whisper away
out of your life,
up to the heavens.
one day.
and you wrote
me this carefully written letter,
with x's and o's lining the page,
and you write so pretty,
and i can read it
in your voice.
you gave me
a stamp.
and you said,
"when you get the chance,
write back."

but i haven't.
probably won't.
your note and your stamp
lay there on my bedside table
and when i pass it
that guilt
sinks in for half a second.
i know one day you'll whisper away,
out of this life into the heavens
but i can't write back.
i won't write back.
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drug addiction story
too many people
in this close proximity.
too many bodies
swimming so close to the edge.
off the brink,
off the winding road.
but who would dare to think
you'd be one of them?
nobody would.
and yet you are.
you told yourself this wasn't going to happen.
you said you weren't like most people.
you denied you weren't special.
but now you're going down,
just like those pills
that slip down
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the story of Ava
old faces in new places.
this is the story
of the day;
about a blonde girl named
that sorta-
went away.
of the fifth grade
and the twelfth age,
i got to know her
just a bit more.
we became fast friends;
good times
always in store.
but at the end of that
little old me was sent away.
off to another school,
a new time,
a new day.
and some nights
when i was restless
i would think of
her wavy locks,
the way she looked
in her uniform,
the way she wore
her knee-high socks.
but that was five
years ago.
i saw her yesterday.
she looked me in the eye,
but like a stranger,
looked away.
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just say when
i'm not one to praise,
and you're not one
to brag,
but i think what was
between us was the best
i'd ever had.
how we knew
of our fondness, but
we never called it out,
but how
everyone around us
knew what we were all about.
we'd play
ping-pong with each other,
back and forth
we made it clear.
we lit up when we
saw each
no matter what time
of the long
and now i'm back trying so hard,
to find you
once again,
and tell you that i miss you
and I'll come back,
just say when.
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chess and God
but when life throws the arrows,
and we have to start dodging bullets,
ducking heads,
and our patterns are all askew,
who does everyone turn to?
or their idea of God,
their rendition of God.
everyone wants to go to Heaven,
but no one wants to die.
they play life like chess;
everyone is the victim.
God shows no sympathy
for little white lies.
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anorexia for beginners
Step one:
everyone is prettier than you.
Step two:
don't you hate yourself? you're so fat.
Step three:
don't eat all of that, pig!
Step four:
you're so fat! why are you eating that?
Step five:
don't eat that. or that. or that.
Step six:
you're so hungry...
Step seven:
remember food? it tasted so good...
Step eight:
well, maybe only a small bite...?
Step nine:
Step ten:
refer back to step one.
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snapshot girl
don't fall in love with a photographer.
he can make you feel
he did so to me.
made me believe
i deserved,
needed, almost,
to be loved.
and you know,
of course,
knowing me
i didn't quite
take the bait.
but he made it seem
i was worth it-
the long, long
but just when i start to feel,
(well that was his camera.)
he takes it away.
and it's gone.
but on the bright side,
it did make a
pretty damn good
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when she was created,
God used a lonely sky as his canvas,
drew her face nice and lovely with a small pine needle,
made her eyes small and shaped like a sunflower seed,
outlined her nose slightly crooked like an italicized "L",
and her lips thin like paper freshly out a printer,
hair long and the color of the darkest of nights,
then her figure light and curvy like a winding road,
but her body young and timeless like a never ending hourglass,
and then He took a pinch of cinnamon and stormy days and the sea,
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the hobo's speech
well, everybody's guilty
until proven innocent.
that's how it is
in this world.
exchanging glances,
solemn faces,
nobody reaches out
unless you're dying.
and the big man upstairs?
you ask him for money
but his hotline is
always clogged.
full of other prayers
for no taxes, for
passing tests, and me?
I just want some
food to eat.
:iconglitter-fade:glitter-fade 12 7
Your green isn't my go.
I get so
suffocated when you
won't let me
breathe the air I know.
You ask me
to follow in your
but my feet
know where to go.
and it's not in your dusty
old corners,
it's not the streets
you never
Maybe you didn't reach
your intersection because
your path was always
:iconglitter-fade:glitter-fade 7 10
We've grown up, haven't we?
That's what I thought
When I'd saw you today.
Seeing you after--what,
two years?
"Oh" is all I can really say.
We never changed, have we?
I recognixed you
in a hearbeat.
I can't help but love
the way you reacted,
You honestly never
forgot me.
This is awkward isn't it?
Though our glove seems
to fit nice and snug.
I've known for you so long that
I'm tempted to embarace
you in ah hug.
How do we take it from here?
Can I say hi? Can it be like before?
When I could tell you everything
and maybe then
just a little more?
:iconglitter-fade:glitter-fade 6 6
As a child, my daddy would always tell me,
"You are who you are when no one is watching."
Back then of course, I thought that meant if I picked my nose behind closed doors, I must have been a nose picker, but I think now I understand better.
It was a rainy New York day, and I stood under my umberella on the corner all by myself. I wanted to go home, to soak myself in a tub, to eat sweets, to read my magazines. You would think that in New York there would be people everywhere, but on a day like this, when rain was pouring down on everything, most people were in their warm little cars, stuck in weekday traffic.
Soon I would be too, if only the stupid taxi would arrive already.
I was wet down to my bones. Water dripped from every peice of clothing on my body. Naturally, I was cold and tired. Working a nine to five job is very draining when it's a job you particulary have no interest in doing.
I could spot a yellow taxi making its way to me through the rain, and I thanked the high heavens
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a sad time
But that was a sad time.
when my heart ached
with every step I'd take,
word I'd utter,
glance I'd steal.
But I guess that my only way
of knowing the pain was real.
That I missed,
clung to that person,
as a magnet would to so helplessly to steel.
And I never realized
how weak I was
until I saw;
you were so strong.
Without your presence
my world was
upside down, it was all wrong.
But that was a sad time.
I remember those days,
and am thankful they are gone.
:iconglitter-fade:glitter-fade 5 6
the mockingbird
let the bird fly into your imagination,
flutter it's way into your heart,
take you on it's sky glide,
watch the wings spread far apart.
let it dip down in the water,
leave a feather here or there,
sing a song of sweetened freedom,
pick a berry for you to share.
soar with the bird into the heavens,
and guide the creature back into night,
for the mockingbird is brown bellied beauty,
waiting for your permission to take flight.
:iconglitter-fade:glitter-fade 5 3
how to be a model for beginners.
Beauty is not the features on your face,
she said,
nor is it a characteristic
on someone's face, but it is a trait.
not of inheritance, but of time.'
my darlings,
a face is a face,
and my face is no superior to yours,
nor is yours
superior to mine.
I want you to look into the camera and say,
"I am not beautiful, but I am of beauty."
And when you say it enough,
believe it enough,
then, my darling angels,
you are models."
:iconglitter-fade:glitter-fade 14 16
Ooh lookie, words. You should go check that out c;


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