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    ‘I just want it all to end.’


    These seven words continuously repeated deep within an individual’s mind as they struggled to get out of the dark forest. Heart rapidly beating harshly against their chest and their vision gradually starting to blur, they managed to find an open space of where the moon’s ray shine down from the clear, midnight sky. Difficulty breathing, the female fell to her knees and began to cough hardly; spewing specks of blood onto her hands and the Earth’s soil. Her long brown hair all messed and knotted, her teal hues all bloodshot from the tears that she cried; her skin vulnerable and stained from bruises, wounds and her own blood. Her clothes were torn to shreds from her non-stop battles, barely covering her frame. Nothing but pain coursed through her veins as she had daggers, arrows and bullets in various areas of her body. With the remaining strength she had, she did what she could to remove them from her frame. Clenching her teeth tightly together and tears in her eyes, she carefully pulled out a dagger from her back; hearing the muscles tissues making such a noise that would make anyone’s skin crawl. She did what she could to not scream out loud to attract attention; only to have flashbacks of her past attacks and her own screaming echoing within her subconscious.


    Her attackers weren’t some delusional hunters who believe that she’s an animal, nor were they a secret organization who needed to eliminate her very existence; but were those whom she cared so much for, left her estranged. Instead of ever telling her of what she did wrong in their lives, they used her as target practice to release their anger on and just abuse her. Some of these individuals tend to wear a mask, making her believe that she could trust their well being and try to help them out in any situation; only to be betrayed and beaten by their own hands. Whenever her body gives out from agonizing pain, they would rummage into her pockets and take whatever money she had and take off.  So many relentless nights of misery, crying out of agony for help and screaming while removing various of objects used to torture her. So many restless nights, wondering whom else would find her as a horrible person and take a shot in taking her down. Her pleas of forgiveness, her begs of wanting these wars to stop were never enough; each one of these individuals, whom she gave much love and care for, wanted her dead and gone from existence.


    Once all the weapons were removed from her body and the pain slowly subsided, she carefully stood back on her feet and walked forward in a trembling manner; heading towards the cliff to stand and look at the sky. Amongst heading her destination, her eyes gazed upon a pale blue flower that sparkled under the moonlight; as if it were light the stars that glisten throughout the void of the unknown. Continuously gazing at its beauty while coming to a halt, it made her remember about those who stuck around and supported her in every struggling step she took. The individuals whom she called her family, her lovers, her close bond friends; the ones who tried to help her heal her wounds that were inflicted by the corrupted. They did whatever they could to get her to smile, laugh, to at least enjoy for what she had; no matter how small it may be. They were her pillars, her crutches to help her stay strong and to face all odds with the inner strength she had left. Deep inside, she knew that she would be truly lost without their guidance throughout her travels of finding the right path in her life.


    Her body growing stiff, she reached down and grasped onto the flower with her shaking hands; plucking it out of the ground as the midnight dew splashed lightly against the luscious green grass. Achingly straightening her posture, she held the flower close to her heart and spoke sweet nothings to herself while taking a few more steps towards the edge of the cliff. She took a deep breath with her chest struggling to take it all in, she looked at the sky, admiring the sheer beauty that the nighttime brings. Feeling lost in the moon’s radiance, she gradually lowered her guard and started to tear up from all the good memories flashing within her mind, from being with her family to fooling around with her close friends; acting silly no matter what the scenery. She lightly sniffled as she spoke softly to herself, “No matter how dark one’s life may be, you still shine. No matter the wounds, the scars… you’re still you.”

    She continued to cradle the flower within her hands and close to her chest, slowly finding her inner will and strength to continue to live her life. She stroked the petals ever so softly to calm herself down, only to hear something rustling in the forest behind her. She lightly gasped, turning herself around to look as she held her right hand out; speaking out in a pleading tone, “P-Please no… PLEASE! DON’T DO IT! NO! STOP!! PLEA—”


    Time stood still once a single fire from an individual’s pistol echoed throughout the forest; the bullet travelled out of the barrel and flew until it struck the female in the chest and through her heart. Her blood staining the blue flower, she let it go and had it fall gracefully to the ground while her body fell backwards; falling off the edge of the cliff. Tears escaped from her tear ducts and floated in mid air as her body continued to plummet to it’s end. All she could she was all her memories flashing before her eyes, seeing her childhood, her love ones, her friends, her family. Gradually everything turned black, unable to see anything either by memory or reality as the last set of words lingered in her dying mind.


     ‘I just want it all to end… set me free.’

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