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April 7, 2021
Reanimator adoptable auction closed by GlitchLight
Featured by Astralseed
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Reanimator adoptable auction closed


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we have two very rare visitors this time around! This...well species might be the wrong word, 'phenomenon' describes it a little better, is still relatively poorly researched due to its scarcity.
it is believed is that some external force binds plant matter to desceased animals and well...reanimating them. only small specimens have been observed, the largest ones being the size of a small feline.
where everyone is unsure and has different ideas is what exactly that force is. one theory says its microorganisms that, similar to Manowars on earth, build a community that moves and acts together as one, only that they search a 'host' in that case.
another theory is that they are another form of spirit simmilar to the ones that can be found in more advanced machines )hint hint important for lore, more on that hopefully soon ;)) This theory is kind of backed by the relative intelligence of these beings. They are not agressive and like to observe their keepers, seemingly fascinated by us. we have never seen them consume anything, which makes sense. we are willing to give them to other researchers who might have some theories or ideas they would like to test and share, so we collectively understand this interesting if not slightly morbid phenomenon 

The Animals of course are only kept in the showrooms for a very limited time, before brought back to their bigger, more suited enclosures. this is purely to showcase them easier :) (Smile)

(character and creature description can be changed/is only 'canon' for me, you may change anything you want regarding information about the species and character once the creature has been purchased by you) 

Fallen (left)


auction ends 48H after last bid
money has to be sent 48H after claim has been made, otherwise the adopt will go back up


Once purchased, the character and pattern/design of this specific creature/character

is yours, and you may do the following with them:

-Use them as your own character, meaning giving any name, gender, or backstory you please.

-Alter the picture as you see fit

-resell or trade them, all though I would highly appreceate it if you would not resell them for more than you bought them.
except of course if you did additional art for the character you sell with them

-one thing you may not do is use them comercially (i.e. on tshirts, as a character for a movie/tv show/ game/ commercialized comic) without talking to me first

-Post their picture as many times and wherever you may please. Crediting me as their creator is greatly appreciated, but not nescecarry.

-I will provide you with a transparent image of the picked creature onc
e payment is made

- the design of this character is (C) by me / the buyer of this character
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Congrats on the dd!

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Reminds me of the Cat Beast from 9.

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Very nice work!!! :clap: Congrats on your DD!

For My Personal Use Only
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Wonderful designs! Congrats on the Daily Deviation ^^

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oh wow I just realised! thanks a bunch! :D

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Haha, no problem ^^

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This both have a wonderful design :3

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fallen is absolutely gorgeous

dang it

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aaaw thank you!

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your art and designs are just beautiful

(also just black and orange)

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bid here: Buttercup

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(hopefully that's the right amount, I use USD so im unsure if my currency translator is reliable)

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oh wow thanks so much! sent you a chat message :D

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bid here: Fallen

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thanks a bunch!

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