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Autumn Ballpython

Not the best weather for snakes, but I felt like drawing something cute.
No adoptable today, will resume with those tomorrow :) this will be part of a sticker set tho!
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aaaaahh this is so sweet and pretty :'0
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I love snakes, your drawing looks so beautiful :heart:
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thank you so much!
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This made me smile ! Cuute :3
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I am glad! thank you :)
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thanks so much!
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uhhh <3 almost looking like my smoll baby!
do you got a ballpython either? :la:
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aaw!!! can you send me pics? always love to oogle at snakes
noooot yet, but I am planning on getting either a Ballpython or maybe a hognose soon ish :D
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Yeah of course :la: I got to look at home to put some on my stash since I am currently at work now :XD:
but here is one:
Ball Python: KingPin 0.1 by PandiiVan

I love her so much! But she is living at a friend's house since one year.
... my appartment is way too small for the terrarium q_q
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aw she is so pretty!!
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Thank you :la:
Unfortunately I haven't got more pictures on my laptop. Got to get my external hard drive :XD: There I got maany :la:
Do you got enough place for your snake in your apartment? I am looking forward to have an own house in maybe.. 10 years or so? XD So i can get her to me again :la:
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This is adorable! <3

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Snake in a sweater. Love it!

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