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[p] i am the most embarassing person you know by glitchgoat [p] i am the most embarassing person you know by glitchgoat
my custom "pita" plush from the amazing Onelani came in today so i had to take a picture of my newly-rearranged itabag, haha :heart:

if you somehow haven't heard the news, all might is my #1 single favorite fictional character-- which is not smth i say lightly!
if you need context, this puts him above Lucas from Mother 3-- and i shouldnt need to tell you how much i love the mother games
it's difficult to articulate tbh but as a character he just means the entire goddamn world to me. he's my hero, and if every boring straight white boy I know can care too much about goddamn Batman, I'm allowed to have my smiling scarecrow with a heart of solid gold if that's what it takes, dammit

putting this bag together has been a really fun (if expensive) way to show off how much my beautiful sunflower man means to me, and I'm excited to continue to make it more and more painful in future.
cos if you think it's getting close to done just because it's getting full... you're a fool

seriously tho-- shoutout to every vendor/reseller/box splitter/proxy who's helped me get the official merch i have, and every single fanartist whose crafts, charms, and artwork have contributed to my fast-moving money-sink!

-yes, i do carry it out in public. people either don't say shit, don't recognize the character but think it's really cool, or recognize my boy(tm) and get excited abt it. don't @ me.
-yes, it contains fanmerch. fucking fight me.
-yes, i'm going to carry it when i cosplay midoriya
-no, you DON'T want to know how much all of the stuff this bag is worth put together, because if you knew, you would be even more disappointed in me. it's a three-digit number, that's all I'll say.
-yes, the bag has the hair.
Furgemancs Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow nice ita bag :D you have a good hoard there :D
glitchgoat Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ahaha thank you! i always think I barely have anything, but then I try to pin it into my bag, and I run out of space so quickly, haha. ;v;'
Furgemancs Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
pffffffffff I can imagine XD and surely theres always something you can still get for your collection :D These ita bags are so cute, wish I have one too owO
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