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[p] Feint the Goat by glitchgoat [p] Feint the Goat by glitchgoat
Sometimes you have to indulge the part of you that wants to make the kind of characters who would be the villains in gamecube-era sonic games.
And sometimes you've been trying for years to make a sonic character out of your favorite animal, and you have to make it a villain before it works out for you.

funny how that works out

anyway this is Feint and yes, it IS partially a fainting goat joke
the "discord gems" on the backs of his gloves ( see: for design refinement sketches, and a better look at what's going on with his gloves/"claws") he's able to drain and pool chaos energy from other sources -- chaos drives, rings, chaos emeralds, and other living creatures -- and then release it to attack, defend, float, and -- with a large enough pool -- emulate chaos control. the 'claws' on his gloves help him direct his attacks, and when he uses it, his 'affinity' makes it take the form of green lightning.

the gems are a slight chaos energy sink, so feint has to replenish their 'stock' fairly frequently, or it will begin draining his own energy. while most intelligent animals have high enough latent energy for that to maybe weaken them but not do any permanent damage, feint has zero natural aptitude for chaos energy and bizarrely low latent levels, so allowing this to happen could be Extremely Dangerous. no prizes for guessing what would 100% totally happen during his theoretical final boss fight.
im also sure this has nothing to do with Glitch being a chaos energy magnet + having a self-replenishing chaos energy engine and that he is not at all involved with that entire character storyline

anyway sonic characters are fun sorry not sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
TheArtsyDigimon Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very cool idea!
TonyK-Lyne Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2018
i love this dude so much IT'S SO GOOD
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