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i'm ken i'm a 28 year old man and i spend a lot of time thinking about fan-digimon

you're going to have an easier time getting in touch with me on twitter but know i talk about a whole lot of gay anime shit there

i go through periods where i draw nonstop for two months and then don't touch a pencil for three months; be aware of this when you follow me!

i am based in the US but i have a shifted sleep schedule, and am usually available very late at night + early in the morning US time, so expect oddly-timed replies to DMs.

i am not currently accepting commission work.

Favourite TV Shows
dororo 2019
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ziyoou-vachi, AJJ, carly rae jepsen

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Technically robots DO have ages, but not biologically, obviously. I'd consider it based on the number of years since their date of manufacturing. If they had a celebration of that date, it'd probably be called their "Build day" or something.

I miss seeing your art

hallo,i love your digimon commission oc!:) Lewis Heart icon

Do you accept points?

I do not accept point commissions for three reasons, and I explain them every time somebody asks because I think it's important to note how heinously unfair they are.

1: dA takes a 20% cut from the commissions widget (the only way to convert points to currency). The official exchange rate is $1 USD = 80 points, but to make $1, I have to charge you 100 points-- that's $1.20. That's not fair to you.

2: dA charges an additional $1 fee to withdraw points to USD, on top of the cut they already take. Especially on small commissions, this can be up to a 10% fee that I simply lose, even though I have to charge more as per #1.

3: dA makes you wait two weeks to withdraw funds via paypal.

If I accept point commissions, I have to charge more, get less money, and wait longer to use my own money.

So, I have to use paypal or a direct deposit to list the different ways in which I can pay you?