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[4u] this time i might just disappear

By glitchfyck
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art by AspenLeSheep
zoid belongs to Croxiin
witch belongs to Songdog-StrayFang
boi belongs to spacedoe

just some gift/ fan art for some artists i quite like because aha muse! even though i should really do my schoolwork, individuals coming after i get hw done.

croxiin has neat art check em out. their style is simply lovable <3
i actually found doe of deadwood a while back from a fanart someone i watch made, then through songdog found all the other comics i now read, including spacedoe. uvu
boi does not have name? boi is boi? boi is good boi best boi happy boi dont make him sad- im sorry he looks angry i tried changing the eyes but then it looked like he was high so i changed it back to grumpy eyes before it got worse ;v;
edit im stupid the reference sheet is there the whole time *facedesk* i will change it when i add the individuals 

update im awake now individuals are here

also i needed examples for my nonexistent patreon. cx so these will do just fine.

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woah woah woah!! this is such a nice surprise!! and gosh this art style is gorgeous! thank you so much!!!

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As usual this lineless style of yours is A+ Aspen~
~~Also, is that title a song reference, perhaps? Something from Mystery Skulls?~~ :3
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yes mystery skulls <3 i love that line so much lolol. and thank you ;v; im quite happy with how this turned out ahah
ScidiaScribbles's avatar
Mystery Skulls got me through long breaks between classes, (totally didn't put Ghost and Hellbent on loop most days, lol) their music is so good <3 You should be happy with it, they turned out amazing~ 
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The witchy lady herself! She looks so delightfully smug ^^

Happy to help people find new comics as well!
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very well drawn! Hope you have a good day today :3

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thank you!
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