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A Ministry of Awesome terminal screen in Canterlot

Heavily inspired by the loading screen of MW3 and of XCOM.

Second piece of my Fallout Equestria series.

Fallout Equestria is created by Kkat
Fallout is property of Bethesda
MLP: FIM is property of Hasbro
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Would you mind if i'll animate this (actually I already did it)? Of course credits goes to you.
MLP-NovelIdea's avatar
I hope you don't mind be borrowing this for a Pegasus Enclave airship computer console, especially as you've given permission before. Don't worry, all credit will go back to you (I can't do ANYTHING like this anyway). :)
masonator445's avatar
I love it.  Like others have said, it would be really cool animated, but I know how hard that would be.  Plus it would be kind of hard on a computer with a gif background all the time.
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Redtaileddolphin's avatar
Would you mind if I used this (or the "old ponyville library" one) as the background for my FoE RPG system blog? I'll credit you, but I figured I should ask first.
Glitcher007's avatar
Feel free to use this one. I'd rather you not use "old ponyville library" as I plan on redoing it. I don't like how that one looks quite honestly.
Redtaileddolphin's avatar
Alright. Thanks! It's, if you care.
CommanderWolfy12's avatar
It's... AWESOME! :squee:
Will you be doing the other ministry terminals' loading screens too?
Glitcher007's avatar
I don't know, its a possibility, but as it is, I want to make each wallpaper for the ministries unique to their own end.
Redtaileddolphin's avatar
This is a really awesome background!
Warmo161's avatar
This is really cool, but I must ask, where did you get the emblem from?

Also, on the topic of animation, I thought you should take a look at this :)

Glitcher007's avatar
Oh wow, thanks! I had no clue what program to use or anything. And I had to make the emblem myself. I couldn't find one I liked anywhere.
Warmo161's avatar
Really? Wow, then you did an amazing job XD
Glitcher007's avatar
Hehe, thanks. I might decide to put the vector of it up later.
iecosis's avatar
Yeah this is lovely. be pretty cool if you did one for each of the ministries.
ParastarSarasva's avatar
I like it now animate so the screen has the horizontal bar flicker and the MOA bit rotates
Glitcher007's avatar
I would love to try that, though it would take /FOREVER/ for photoshop to render a 3D model that many times. I might try it one day, but I don't think so... also making it a .gif would destroy the quality.
ParastarSarasva's avatar
You could just use a video program, make a model of the thingamajig, add texture, then post link. I'd like to have it as a screen saver, anyone else?
PyroExion's avatar
I'm pretty little to the party, but I'd put this as my Win8 lock screen if it was animated.
ParastarSarasva's avatar
*late and yeah you and me both. It's been done excellently, a shame that it isn't animated.
Axioma25's avatar
I know that this might be a bad thing to compare this to, but it sorta looks like those little spinny logos from MW2's intro sequences. Only those were SAS and 2nd Ranger Battalion instead of Ministry of Awesome.
Glitcher007's avatar
Haha, actually, that's kinda what I was aiming for.
Barrfind's avatar
Super, nice work.
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