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Princess Sally model sheet



The first of three commissions for REGIT-NOSMIRC-RANUL.

Regit asked me to draw Princess Sally in a T-pose to help design a 3D model. At first I started with a sketch that was pretty close to how she appeared in the SatAM show at 2.5 head heights, but when Regit started referencing Pat Spaz and J. Axer's work from some of the earlier issues, I redrew her with more adult proportions at 3 head heights to reflect their style. For the sake of the project, everything had to be carefully proportioned and symmetrical if it was to animate properly, and Regit is not a fan of the exaggerated limbs in the Sega-fied style popularized by Tracy Yardley. It still pains me to draw Sally these days after reading about her fate in issue #230. That was probably the single most heartbreaking thing I've ever seen in a comic, but I don't want to give too much away if you're not up to date......
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Hmm... I probably have a plan for Sally's model in the future