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Bunnie D'Coolette sketches

Part of my application to Archie Comics last month. I never heard back from them unfortunately.
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meow, she's my waifu
i want to date her
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These drawings of Bunnie are awesome!
I hope they hire you at Archie. 
It's almost certainly supposed to be more serious, but the lower left just makes me think she's doing the "tripping and spending at least thirty seconds just sitting there groaning in pain" thing from Family Guy.
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The bottom right panel is like Mega Man with his mega buster o3o
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out of the comic-exclusive characters bunnie's my favorite.
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Wow, I hope you hear back from Archie soon, cause you are a mighty fan artist! She looks very well drawn and the pose and expressions are perfect! Don't lose heart, and keep on trying!
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Very nice poses! Nod
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Bottom left, that must hurt 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000* times more than breaking both of my ankles at once.

*(Probably less than that. (Just a bit)
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I think the reason you didn't hear back from them is because you kinda draw the characters looking too... "little kid-like"

Don't take it the wrong way, these drawings are truly amazing! I mean, the movement and the detail and the facial expressions look so beautiful! :love:

 I just think, looking at it from Archie's point of view, you might want to draw them a little taller. Because these drawing of Bunnie remind me more of her old SatAM design.

But that's just my opinion

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Well, I was basing Bunnie's look on the cover of Sonic #255, which is the only pic of her redesign I had to work with at the time. Ben Bates has a tendency to draw the Freedom Fighters slightly shorter than his peers.
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Sorry to hear Archie didn't get back to you.  I really hope they do wind up getting back to you 'cause I'd LOVE to see a comic in this style.

Thank you for letting us feature this in our gallery at #S-S-S-S-S-Squad!
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You're a perfect artist, man! X3
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Gotta love Bunnie. I loved her in the old cartoon, and in the Comics.
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This is awesome! Way better then how Bunnie looked in STH issue 255. She didn't look like herself at all to me. Super cool! :D
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Very nice I like BUnnie's new look
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Justice to my favorite Sonic character ever.
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Great stuff :)
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Shame they didn't call back, you have the skill, and I would love to see your work in the books!
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Tragic. This is better than a lot of the artists they do have.

No offense to them, of course.
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this is awesome!!!!! ignore everyone who thinks this is crap id like to see them do better.
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