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Anthromorphic tat

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It was just another ordinary day for mild-mannered Glitcher. When all of a sudden... ALL OF HIS HOUSEHOLD OBJECTS CAME TO LIFE!!!!!!!1

Glitcher: What the...? What's going on here? o_O
Mr Power Adaptor: Hey guys, look! We're alive! We can see and blink and stuff! Bizzatch!
Mrs Laptop Mouse: Squeak, squeak! Now I can scurry off on my own. I'm away to Switzerland to cram my circuits full of cheese!
Mr Medion Laptop: Huh? Who's speaking? I can hardly see with the crappy graphics card installed in me.
Mr Stereo: You think you've got it bad? I can't even play CD's anymore! WHAT GOOD'S A STEREO THAT CAN'T PLAY FRIGGIN' CD'S?!?
Mrs Half-Empty Glass of Coke: I've been sitting here for three days.
Mrs Magic-8 Ball: I foresaw this event, gentlemen. It was written in the astrological signs of the universe that govern our destinies. (Read your horoscopes, dammit.)
Mr Hidden Super Mario Porn: Mama mia! What-a am I even doing-a here? Glitcher, you sick chimp-a. Get outta more-a. And who's the fatso crushing me on top-a?
Mr Simpsons Season 3 DVDs: D'oh!
Glitcher: Hoo boy...

PS. I solemnly swear I will stop sticking eyes on inanimate objects like a complete retard. -_-;;;
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UnmeimiruHobbyist General Artist
does the eyeball money from that one cmomercial influence this at all?
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:XD:It's like a Rareware game gone horribly wrong.
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They see what you did thar.
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felifanHobbyist Artisan Crafter
I already saw this in an anime called ' NHK ni youkuso' ( welcome to the NHK )
It's a great series that you have to discover!

( PS: you have a lot of realy great Megaman/rockman fanart in your deviations! that 's cool to see other Capcom 's fan on DA!)
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geez.. you're just... great :giggle:
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This reminds me of Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie!
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It's a good thing that doesn't happen to me often.

Kuri: <Uh, hello! What about me?>

Well, you're an actual (a/n: Not exactly) creature. This is inanimite objects he's displaying here.

Kuri: <Oh. Carry on then.>

Anyways, I liked the part about the Simpsons DVD, but who was the... uh... Forget it. I don't want to know. After all, it could be the Queen Bean from the Beanbean Kingdom... (Crud)
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Some how I feel... like I'm looking into my fridge, and all the science projects are looking out at me. :O
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Dude this is exactly like the hallucinations I had before I started taking meds! :pills: How did you know? Did you read my mind? :omfg: Get out of my head! Ahhhhhhhh! :spin:
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Heh, I have the same type of cardboard magazine racks. They're awesome.
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If you really ARE seeing eyes on objects that don't have them, go check the doc =P
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LOL~ Apparently, if inanimate objects starts to move, blink and talk, the first you might wanna do is take them all to therapy. They all got issues. XD;;;;;; LOL......okay......

That doesn't make any sense at all did it????

Anyway, great concept.
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wow! simply.......creepy.
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hey, yous has the same mouse as i's do!
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Googly Eyes!
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LMAO!!! You know, I worry about your mental health sometimes :p
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Nani!? Eyes, eyes everywhere AAAAHHHHHH!
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tcatProfessional Digital Artist
I'd be panicked too o_o That's alot of eyes looking back.

*hugs the magic 8-ball-sama*
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Interesting concept. What would the things in one's room say if they could?...

Also, what are those on the bulletin board behind Mr. Medion Laptop? They almost look like Megaman characters with bios. Did you make them yourself or were they from some manuals or strategy guides?
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glitcherProfessional Digital Artist
Those are my fan-Mavericks that I made years ago. I keep them there for sentimental value. You can see scans of them in my Mechadrake gallery here: [link]
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Wow! Those are amazing. Most impressive.
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