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This is the complete list of my tokos. I play with them in my own little post-apocalyptic world I made specifically for 'em. This is just a big amalgamation sorted by pack/sex. You can play in it too if you want, but you gotta tell me. Eventually I'll put some world lore and put it here, but I'm just trying to organize things right now.

If you only only want to see the members of a certain pack, just click on the pack name! You can also find more specific information on each of the packs there, too. That's also where you can find the trackers.

World Basics + Lore Snippets:
    - The world ended several hundred years ago. There was a massive snowfall and temperature drop that killed off most people.
    - "Upwalkers" need tokotas in order to survive. Packs are safest. Upwalkers without a pack are called "scarecrows."
    - Tokotas that wander the wasteland too long are known as ferals or Wolves. They tend to lose their sanity.
    - Each pack within the wastes is constantly in competition for each other in terms of food and territory.
    - Each pack within the wastes also within a chronic state of tension and war, fighting with each other for control and ideals.
    - Raiders and thieves are incredibly common. It's dangerous to enter abandoned settlements for supplies, but necessary.
    - It's not incredibly rare to have guns, but it's also not common. Most firearms are made from scratch.
    - Automobiles don't exist any longer. Sleds are the quickest way to get around. Some folks try to rebuild them; there's yet to be a success.
    - Much of the prey has gotten significantly larger and fluffier. The reason why is unknown. Bears are massive.
    - Cannibalism is frowned on but unfortunately common. 

If I do literature for you, it will likely be in this scenario. You are welcome and encouraged to just think of it as an AU for your tokota. If you'd like to play in this world on a permanent basis, feel free to ask me about it!

Pack of the Rising Star



The Clockwork Rabbits


Canoodle 20526 by TotemSpirit Justice 20954 by TotemSpirit Torpor 36027 by TotemSpirit Hawthorn 37262 by TotemSpirit


Valentino 13329 by TotemSpirit Lil' Vinnie 18852 by TotemSpirit 

The Patchwork Hounds

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February 22, 2016
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