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Hey you wonderful folks. This is the updated badge for the LEGIONARIUS tier - which is 20.00 or more a month! (Remember, things from previous tiers stack, so the higher you go the more you get!)

Because my priorities have shifted and I spend more of my time on game development than anything else, I've decided to shake up my Patreon. No one is losing rewards - every tier is gaining more! And there's currently only 4 tiers for simplicity!

This is something I've intended to do for a long while; I felt that some tiers got kind of screwed and I simply didn't have time to post equally to each one. So; I cut down the amount of tiers to four, and sprinkled the rewards of the deleted tiers to the remaining ones.

This tier's rewards are now as follows:

        Early Demo Access - When a final demo is available to the public, you gain access early. Can vary between a few weeks to a month. You have permission to use this in let's plays or whatever you would like.

        Musical Sketches - Tidbits of unreleased music, that may or may not ever be used.

        Lore Snippets - Tidbits of tidied up lore, from any and all projects.

        Full-Resolution PSD and MDP files - As is listed.

        Written Work - Poetry and prose are made available to you - even rough drafts. 

        Model and FBX files   -  These can be used for teaching yourself, silly videos, or any non-commercial project of your choosing. So long as you credit the model back to me, I have no issue with you playing around with them.

Go check it out for yourself here!

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March 14, 2017
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