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Real Photographers

By glitchb0t
Okay, so there seems to be this little problem nowadays where everyone thinks they're a photographer. The problem is: these "photographers" are showcasing poorly shot images, using terrible lighting, having myspace angles. Yeah, photography this does not make, kids. You can enjoy taking your pictures all you want, but it's not really too artistic.

Photographers actually set up an image in order for it to be aesthetically pleasing. There's a lot of work behind getting that perfect shot.

Hobbyist photographers, while they may not take everything into consideration, still use at least composition, lighting, and exposure.

If anyone cares to know what the faster frames say its:
composition, lighting, line, value, shape, form, space, texture, contrast, colour, movement, emphasis, pattern, proportion, unity, perspective, balance, exposure, quality.
These are factors taken into consideration when the photographer is behind a camera. They are the elements and principles of photography, along with a couple other miscellaneous points.

I, personally, want to get into the photography field, but I feel as though I'm not going to be taken seriously due to my age and the various "photographers" in my age bracket that really don't pay too much mind to how things are set up. It's depressing really.

So I decided to make this stamp for my own personal use as there were no other ones that I could find with this sort of message. I hope you guys can find use for it, as well. :)

Oh, and if anyone goes to look for my photography to see if I have the right to say this and only finds crappy snapshots, that's because this isn't my photo account. XD It's *Mih43l.


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StripedDemon's avatar
This whole new generation of selfie taking, spray, pray, and post away "photographers" make me want to scream.
I try the best I can with a 10 year old Canon XTi DSLR. I'm actually learning the settings of my camera, learning the art of lighting and composition, investing in different equipment, filters, lenses, lighting, learning different techniques etc. before I make the leap into a full frame or a generally better camera to fully pursue photography as a career... and then I feel sick to my stomach every time I log onto Facebook and see all these idiots running "photography" businesses with powerhouse DSLRs like the Canon 6D or better, and they all use the stock lens, the God awful on camera flash, shoot in .JPG, and never bother to switch the thing out of Program or Full Automatic.
I'm just left glaring behind a screen silently sneering "Congratulations, your camera is smarter than you! Too bad the camera doesn't know a thing about composition/framing or the general elements behind a good photo! Automatic Mode and your bad editing skills can only do so much. Just throw a vignette around it, or turn it into a black and white! Ohhhh you're such a great photographer! Sure, I'll pay you $50 an hour for something my grandma could accomplish with her cell phone's camera!"
I guess what really pisses me off in the end is that it's never been easier to actually LEARN photography. YouTube, DeviantArt, and blogs offer endless resources on everything from understanding the basic settings of a camera, to formulas for getting complex shots right. Seriously. Ignorance and laziness. I started with a Canon T80 SLR from digital compacts. Huge eye opener to my own ignorance. I'd love to see anyone who shoots a DSLR in Automatic try to take photos with an older SLR. It forces you to learn what you're actually doing. lol     

Rant over. I needed this stamp. Thank you. 
Lulie's avatar
I don't fav stamps, but leaving a comment to say: this is so good it's making me break my personal 'no animated stamps' rule. Awesome.
wwwarea's avatar
I personality think photography is the weakest form of art, but I'm going to fav this to piss off a bigot who keeps forcing is lack of valuable taste over people who defend their own or other artistic value. And because most of his photographic "art" is just random iPhone pictures of anything he sees. Haha!
glitchb0t's avatar
I personally think it's a pretty great form of art (when done right) considering it's my main career, but to each their own.

You do what you do, buddy.
JaredtheFox92's avatar
Don't let this uneducated and uncultured manchild get you down. Photography is art because nature and human made creations are art. :iconwwwarea: is nothing more than fool who has no proper taste in actual art.
glitchb0t's avatar
Eh, no worries. They're not the first I've ran into with this mindset and they won't be the last. I just say my piece then ignore 'em.
wwwarea's avatar
To let you know, JaredtheFox92 is one of the cyberbullies who will twist the meaning up.
This person has attacked me for sharing my opinion to what I believed was right, etc. Uploaded hate art about me, etc.
And the person I was talking about earlier is a major cyberbully, etc.
And of course, the person I do not like can't take criticism, attacks intentional art-styles of other people, etc. That's why I was focusing on this, (mainly the art style thing maybe). Besides, I was mainly addressing on how he does photography.

Jared is only a white knight of REMRadioheadfan96, and will continue to blindly defend him possibly and hide his own history of the hate art.

I'm also not a lunatic. Noticed that person is personality insulting me, which I don't find mature, unless it ties with a very well proven non-bias reasonable thing.


Sorry about this, but Jared is one of the cyberbullies and I don't want people to slander me again.
JaredtheFox92's avatar
That would be the best choice of action to take with him, he is an utter lunatic.
queen-arianna's avatar
i love you so much, thank you for posting this!! <3
Kurosantchi's avatar
Yes it does. All people who take photos are photographers. All people who draw are artists.
glitchb0t's avatar
No it doesn't, and no they're not. The word photographer has connotations to it, and those connotations are professional in nature. This means that a photographer is a person who can, and often does, make money with their trade. A person who exclusively takes selfies and terribly executed snapshots does not fall under this category, and thus are not photographers. They could be considered hobbyists, though, I suppose. The artist issue is a different topic entirely as the word "artist" does not carry the same expectations.
ChasingShadowsPhoto's avatar
As a student photographer, I thank you for this stamp. It's so very true. :)
FluffyUnicorn96's avatar
I agree with everything in this stamp! I'm not very good at photography right now, I'll admit that, since all the pictures I take right now are pretty amature looking. But I'm really wanting it to be my career some day, and my family all tell me I have a natural talent for it. I'm going to technology school next year to learn photography as well. So, I may not know everything about photography now, but i keep my fingers crossed for the future. :)
MissLoony's avatar
Thank you sooo much for this stamp!:huggle:
Snowstorm-wolf's avatar
I'm not sure whether I am good at making pictures .... D:
Eccetra's avatar
It irritates me so much when I see cellphone photos of shirtless teenage girls on here...
This is an ART site.
There is nothing ARTISTIC about your poorly-lit breast & duckface combo.
deideiblueeyez's avatar
Sigh. I try really hard with what I have, camera wise.. Canon Powershot - some number I forgot... And I try to take decent pics.. Lighting? I don't use lighting! I take pictures outside :la:
RayneWolfspeaker's avatar
It irks me when people take crappy snapshots and think that they're on a professional level. especially when they do it withreally nice cameras. Just because someone has a professional grade camera doesnt make them a photographer. I mean, you could use a disposable camera and still get really good shots.
it all depends on what is being photographed, not just what is photographing it. That myspace-mirror-photo is still shitty, no matter the equipment.
Blender-Madness's avatar
I've been looking for a stamp like this for so long! I couldn't agree more. I found an amazing picture when looking at photography pictures once then I went to their gallery and went into their photography album and that was the only thing close to photography in there. The rest were MySpace angles of themselves. They were a waste of a Nikon D7000, :( and they aren't the only ones I've seen like that.
EmilyAnneSoto's avatar
I hate when girls have nice Canon's with great focus, but they take pictures of themselves in the mirror, and MySpace angle pictures of them, and then take random pictures of like, their underwear. I'm planning on being a photographer when I'm older, and I'm practicing now. I say I'm pretty good, but what camera do I use? A Kodak EasyShare.
PINK-ROSE14's avatar
I'm a professional photographer and I take every one of these points you mentioned into consideration. :D

Thank you, this is a problem to try to help fix. I also don't like it when people take pictures on photos or iphones and call it art. In my book, you really need the huge, expensive camera and all the equipment to come out with a decent quality shot that is even worthy to put up here. :D This may not be your view of things, but it's mine. To each their own. :D
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