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sketch- corrupted beauty

in a world in which a corruption has spread, infecting the masses and changing them, some are left unharmed. there are still pure humans, with an untampered genetic makeup, never infected. There are millions who were turned into foul creatures, each one different, and each one incredibly deadly. And when the corruption stopped spreading, had had it's fill, those who were being corrupted became a mix. still mostly loyal to humans, but augmented by the disease, made different- perhaps better, and each person still unique in the changes.

the girl depicted is one such case, with only her right side being affected, with incredibly strong muscles and skin capable of deflecting a bullet, yet still weighing a similar amount to before. she now works to protect the masses from the changed, with a group of other 'tainted' people, and supported by squads of remnant military. most pure humans don't trust those who are tainted, and she faces just as much hardship from the people she works to protect as from the beasts she kills.
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