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Frecuently Asked Questions

These are some questions I have been asked lately, that I think they should posted in my page. I will like you to read them before you send me a note or a personal comment. If you have any question, not found in the list, feel free to ask me with a note or by a comment, thanks :D

1. Do you take commissions or requests?
A: I take commissions occasionally, since I have a full time job. Any more questions, send me a note. Normally I do not take requests, unless they are a common suggestion to my ongoing collections.

1. How do you do your Disney Moments?
A: I take a long time to draw each element with full detail and precision. I do not trace or recolor. :) You can find WIPs on my instagram page: www.instagram.com/glimpen_art/

2. How can I ask for a request o comission?
You can send me a note if you want some privacy or confidentiality. You can also post a comment in my page.

2. What programs or equipment do you use?
Digital work: I started with MS paint, 97% of my Pinup collection is made on paint. I bought Photoshop CS2 and began working with it. Now, I use Photoshop CC with a Wacom Cintiq 27HD Touch and/or a Wacom Intuos Medium Wireless. 

4. Did you take classes or took classes where they teach you to draw?
No, I did not at first. I began drawing a while ago, since I was 12 I think.
After, I was lucky enough to attend a liberal arts college, where I majored in Art. But to learn digital art, I used and worked with some coloring tutorials* so as what button makes what, but nothing more.

5. What do you do, professionally?
I worked on major film studios, but I opened my own company about 8 months ago, were I use my art skills in the retail world and films.

7. Dis you go to school?
Yes, I did. I attended Whitman College. It's a liberal arts college in Washington State.

8. Can I use your art in my page?
I have a very strict policy with this. You can use my art as wallpaper or share it with friends. You can even put it in art forums, blogs and pages like “Pinterest”, but I asked that the only condition is that artwork is properly credited and there is a link to the original deviation page.

9. How about a dA page?
That is strictly forbidden. I do not allow anyone to upload my art in any dA page that is not mine. I do allow clubs to store it in their galleries, but I give permission to that as well. Plagiarism is a serious crime that I do not tolerate.

10. I saw you artwork in someone’s page, he/she claims ownership!
Thank you for letting me know! I really appreciate it! :clap: I will report the deviation and address to the thief. If you want to address to her/him too, you are welcome to do so! :stab:!

11. Can I use a lineart/sketch like a coloring page?
A: this I allow, only with my permission,You need to ask me first and credit properly. Have fun :D

*this tutorial can be found in my favorites as “tutorials” or just go to this link erikasss.deviantart.com/favour…

Hope this solves your doubts…

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Kiara-OngiriStudent Digital Artist
Could I be able to use this same format of FAQ for my page? It'd be helpful to have it up.
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glimpenProfessional Digital Artist
Oh, of curse you can! Is not that this has a copyright, :D. Go ahead and use it.
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Kiara-OngiriStudent Digital Artist
Thank you!! :) I've been thinking of adding the "stop don't use my artwork" icon and saw the bottom of your deviations and thought "what a good idea!"
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glimpenProfessional Digital Artist
it is actually a pretty good way to "prevent" art theft or unwanted us of artwork. Of course I use "" because the only way to prevent art theft is to not publish anything. I you want, use it too. :D
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Kiara-OngiriStudent Digital Artist
okay :)