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Esmeralda Cosplay Costume

This is an Esmeralda costume I made for a client this month. I loved playing with the coins and beads! The corset is silk with gold applique and rhinestones <3
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This is the prettiest Esmeralda dress I have ever laid my eyes on!
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how much do your costumes cost cause i want to buy some
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Sorry for the delay! I've been crazy prepping for Halloween. I am currently closed for commissions but have a waiting list on to be notified when I return!
How enchanting! Do you make gowns like these for a living? For clients, wanting you to make inspiring dresses base on their view? That's beyond amazing! I do hope we both have the time someday to make gowns suited for my novel!  
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It is my job! I've dropped from full time to part time when I got pregnant and am keeping the hours while I stay at home with the kiddo. I'm debating what the future is. I won't miss deadlines, so I've been booking much less than normal as my days are so much crazier. I have a few ideas on how to move forward, this will be an interesting year!
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How much does it cost? + Do you have sizes from xs-m :)
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I'm not accepting commissions right now, but you can add your name to my waiting list for when I return here:!contact/…
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Esmeralda is my favorite Heroines Disney CharactersLove 
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She is pretty wonderful!
How much would it cost just for the underbust corset?
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I am not accepting commissions right now, but if you are interested you can add your name to my waiting list here:!contact/… (I notice now that this comment was from April - Sorry!!)
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OHMYGOODNESS this is beautiful!!! I just looked at nearly all of your dresses, and I feel like rewatching all of the Disney princess movies!!! FABULOUS!!! 
how long does something as beautiful as this take to make?
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This is so utterly beautiful!
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This is beauty in it's purest form.
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Thank you! I'm excited I just booked another version of this and I have so many new ideas!
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