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August 23, 2005
Bloodied gauze muffled those first few words I ever spoke to her.  There had been a fight the night before at the St. Charles Street Pub.  A frat boy had taken liberties with the then-girlfriend of the bartender, a weapon or two had been brandished, and chaos quickly erupted amongst the habitually resigned patrons who frequented the Irish tavern.  The brothers of Theta Xi tore through the place, upturning tables and barstools in use. Spilt pitchers shattered across the hardwood floor, and while making my cowardly escape I slipped and fell face-first into one of the ornate balusters that supported the handrail leading outside.  The fall dislodged two bicuspids at the corner of my wide smile.
She thought it all rather funny.
We met on the street car as I traveled from campus downtown to the unfortunately located university dentists that worked on the cheap.  The car was nearly empty, and she stood in the isle gripping the brass bar overhe
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Lavender and Rose Hips
Two hours in and my mind had long been lost to the ebb and flow of musing.  She stopped for a moment, and digging her palms deep into my chest for leverage steadied herself above me.  With her hips anchored firm she leaned forward with her steely gaze; disbelief and umbrage wading in the soft pools of her beryline stare.
“Are you going to fucking cum or what?”
By the time I had recognized her question and set about finding a suitable reply she had already dismounted and rolled onto her side, facing away.  The words, once found, were useless to me, and as her murmurs grew all the more vicious I couldn’t help but agree with her.  It was all true. All the faults in me that she could find or fabricate were true.  I stretched a sodden palm towards her back and mouthed the most sincere apology I have ever been incapable of giving voice.
Time had passed, and careful not to wake her I rose out of our bed and made my way to the se
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Something was Wrong
Her fingers still tasted like the night before as she pulled at my lower lip in the shadowy haze of dawn light breaking. She was asleep, or only just, and slowly turned into a stranger once again as the drugs wore off. Nothing hard. Nothing shocking. Just a little Stella Blue bought off a fleece behind the pool hall the night before. It was a cold buzz that swept over us slowly and married nicely with the rounds of shots she ordered one after the other. Something was wrong.
There was a moment or two when I wanted to stop. That pesky voice of chivalry, not quite drowned yet, holding me to my “principles.” It was then that she’d lean in and our foreheads met like sapling poles, holding us up. She leaned to me and I to her. I threw my arm around her back and we were a tipi in the middle of a crowded bar. The marks on her arm were brightly colored sun gods emblazoned across the tanned bison canvas of our embrace. She tugged at my cheek with her dry lips and whispered into my
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Rufus said 'Good Morning'
“The girl’s a cigarette lit at the wrong end.”
Duke Ellington with strings and the back of my throat burnt by the winter wind, I made the long walk home from her apartment. It was a small room-to-let atop a two car garage on East James Avenue. There were no views or windows to have them through, only a twin sized bed thrown in the corner and columns of books lining the walls—books she never read but quoted constantly.
The place smelled like neighborhood cats had crawled in an open window one rainy night and made their home. The placed smelled like her in all the worst ways. I pulled the sleeve of my jacket close enough to taste it all again. Potpourri past it’s prime. Cigarettes. Cumin with a Southern Comfort chaser. Tahini. The smell of the chlorine from her hair as she dried it on my ever-waiting shoulder. Smells that’ll take ya back as sure as a song if you let ‘em. I stood over the black garbage bag of lawn clippings brought to the road and though
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S-to-the-hizzane H-to-the-ebert
United States
Current Residence: Portland, Or
Favourite genre of music: Folk, emo, blues, proto-electronica, post-pop, & jazz
Favourite photographer: Diane Arbus, or whoever it is that is cool this week
Favourite style of art: Online comics and poorly rendered "I love you's"
Shell of choice: Half?
Skin of choice: Thick'd be nice.
Favourite cartoon character: Harley Quinn, duh?!
Personal Quote: "To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all." ~ Wilde
  • Listening to: "Love You" by The Free Design
So, I have been gone for a very long time. A few weeks ago I came back to arting and have made a few visits to this site... what happened, you guys?

I'm still getting a few views on pieces and what not, but all I get notices on are people adding my work to "collections." What happened to the comments? I used to love the back and forth that followed pieces. It was what made this place feel like a warm community. My old friends have moved on to less off-green pastures and I miss them all.

I'll give the site a little longer, but if I don't start feeling something familiar I'm just going to focus my new work towards my tumblr page. Sad sad day.



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Is this THE glimmerfish from the old forum??
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Hey Glim How goes it?
Just got on to see how my old watches were doin.
Well I hope your psycosis of making strangely odd, and awesomeness doesnt get cured.
Ta ta
glimmerfish Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2010
still not cured, but i'm onto newer drugs lately... i've been making posters though so I'm thinking of arts a lot.

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cartoonists named shane, unite! :D
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wait wait wait.. so 5% of our armadillos are getting leprosy?? this is crazy. are people catching it from the armadillos? i suppose i could look all this up but i like having you as my source. I trust you more than Walter Kronkite.
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thanks for stopping by my page & stuffs. Your work is great! I am totally in awe. I shall be favouriting a few...:heart:
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