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a hissing lyre
spilling discord in repeat
a silhouette's direction
known by few
I spew deception
as I choke on poison speech
my throat's convulsing search
for something true

my tongue is burning
in the pocket of my cheek
I see the split
and feel the face in two
the serpents' blessing
as I spit up in the street
my shock reflected
in the venom hue


towering clock skipped
as the midnight's presence grew
I kiss the asphalt
for its lurching sheen
a calculation
hinged on misfortune's undo
I feel my body twist
to forms unclean

waltz over every crack
and fracture mirrors' view
I slept in hearses
wrapped in words obscene
plotting a salting
my dimension to imbue
reset my digits
to read all thirteen


found the achilles'
of a detrimental step
my exit certain
as the truth's reveal
the superstitions
cancel out a looming debt
I feel my throat clear
and my surface steel

clucking the canines
I advance in woven breath
I rotate tables
like an orbit's wheel
shaming calamities
like poverty and death
I contemplate my figure's
breachless heel
I dig up my ties with luck
sow a forest with my blood
but I'll never taste the dirt
if I keep my teething shut
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November 30, 2012
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