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Trinity. Painted for the cover of the 'War of the Ancients' archive.
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omg i have the book!!!

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Epic art work. Clap Love 
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The way you set them up is so fitting haha. Tyrande really has both of them at her feet, if you can say it like that. And she just looks so beautiful and badass. Love it!
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To any feminazis who might want to rant about the scantily clad woman, I'd like to point out that the men aren't exactly in winter clothes either. You're welcome, Arsena21.
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What Tyrande is wearing just makes her even more badass.

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"feminazi" is a really pejorative expression. Wanting gender equality = Hitler?
I was looking for comments about "scantily clad woman" and I did not find any here, so it seems that you are more concerned with feminism than any other person that looks to this illustration and just appreciate how awesome this is.
You should watch this video, Emma Watson talking about feminism to UN:

And I'm really sorry about this, Arsenal21. You work is great and I'm your fan
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No sorry. apparently the movement for sex equality (which I'm quite sure we've already achieved) is now simply called "sex equality." "Feminism" now refers to people who think that women are superior to men, that all men secretly want to rape women, that all women should become lesbians, that women should be able to walk around naked and not be ashamed, etc. (Male superiority is now called "machoism.") Rush Limbaugh has at least done  some good for the world by giving us this term, for while it was wrong at the time, we have since put it to better use.
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I knew this picture since .. 2012 I guess?? I once had it on my phone but I lost it and now I only got it as background on my Phone. Now I finally found it jay, you just got another watcher^-^
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All-time classic :)
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Oh your warcraft works are incredible ! :D 
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Beautiful! I would so chose Illy <3
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oh the dreaded love triangle ):
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Tyrande must be glad she chose Malfurion over Illidan.

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I want her amour on my druid :3 she's a female night elf ^^
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I am one of the proud owner of the book
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woah.. what a nice job..
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the great triad, is a good paint yeah!!!!
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