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Tara and Minty Mouthwash

Dual monitor widescreen wallpaper, woohooo!

Update (04/28/10): Organizing my folders I found a different version of 'Minty Mouthwash" that I completely forgot I did. I actually prefer it to the green one, but maybe that's just me.

Download contains a zip with both dual-screen wallpapers.
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exactly what I needed for my new 3-screen setup. Thanks.

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I prefer the red look ^^
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Using this as my fb cover :P I love it ^.^
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I need to find an EVE Online Rainmeter theme. Not one that monitors my 'toons skills, one that does Rainmetery things and looks similar to the UI.

And then use one of these backgrounds.
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I've got this wallpaper for like a year now, still enjoy it. Only I made it blue to fit with my pc. :D I hope you will make some more dual screen wallpapers soon, great job.
Truly amazing.
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Yes and for me the red looks better. Try with the idea of sanmonku below.
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Yea, Red is my choice as well
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hmm maybe the green one would look "nicer" with red asteroids and ship :D
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It's all in the details. My fav is the red.
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Beautiful work. I like the 2nd best, because the different hues add depth.
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Found this last night when looking for 3840x1080 wallpapers but the download wouldn't work. Thanks for fixing it! This is a masterpiece!
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This is totally awesome. I dont know if you do requests, but it would be awesome to see you create a Starcraft-related in space illustration. Damn I love those colors and details.
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The red version looks hot!
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v2, the red one is my favourite. spaceships look on this version so lovely.
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i personally like the other one way more aswell. :) very nice indeed
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This looks awesome! I love those ships, and the light is gorgeous!
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Your brilliant work has been featured here along with information about a contest!
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MMMM!!!! Hopefully this one isn't too strong for my mouth cause I use the ACT!=D
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I saw this on Solar Voyager, this is awesome, what program did you use to design the ships?
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I saw this on Solar Voyager, this is one of the best space scenes I have ever seen. What program did you use to design the ships?
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The intense blacks just really push this wonderful scene outwards. The lighting is intense with those blacks. Just use of green.

Wonderful. My favorite so far of your gallery. :D
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