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Spec Sheet - Gate Station
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Published: October 30, 2012
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If there is a spelling error, sue me, I've looked/worked on this for 6 months, my eyes are bleeding.

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I think this would be used for both long range/fast travel and for moving super massive sub-light ships. Probably with a range of 5000LYs maximum and say 24-72 hours to recharge a gate. A gate could be kept open for up to 17 hour and allow a bunch of ships to go through in that time. Trips would be strictly between gates. Trips through a gate can take 1 minute per light year.  Always having even numbers of gates allows two way travel between stations at the same time. One gate for incoming and one for outgoing ships. A reasonable fee for using the gates would be charged, before using it. Say in the range of 0.5% of the value of a ships cargo.

As for ship speeds I think a Trans-Light speed makes sense. That's 1.125LYPH or 27LY per day.  With a backup drive of 1LY per day. All ships would have the same FTL speed. With the balance being bigger ships have longer range but smaller ships are much cheaper to operate. As for sun-light speed I've always liked using Gs or gravitates of acceleration, like in Babylon-5. Example 1G acceleration equals about 35KM or 122MP second.  That's really fast. At that speed you can get go Earth to mars in around 3 days.
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If human developed a kind of warp drive that can let a single ship(including fighter sized ships) jump though hyperspace,this kind of warp gate might be useless.
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Sacrayana|Student Digital Artist
I would love to see some of those 'gate-capable vessels' mentioned in the description of the NovaGate. Checking your gallery for vessels made with the same quality of your stations right now ^^
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How many light years per day?
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I like the concept. An interstellar gate-network.
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Love this!
I especially like that a wormhole can only be maintained for 45 minutes.
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Eon-Flamewing|Student General Artist
This is beautiful.
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hw-Chimas|Hobbyist Artist
A bit rude, but get rid of those "MKs". They are everywhere in Sci-Fi and became commonplace.

Regarding the design, it's an outstanding achievement, wish I could have 1% of your skills.
Now I'm gonna look the other links.
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Very cool design, great ideas
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pixeljockeytim|Professional Digital Artist
There's attention to detail, then there's this...great work :D
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Smiling-Demon|Hobbyist General Artist
love these mate.
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Thanks mate! :)
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