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Resource Pack 4 Nebula Brushes

Photoshop CS4 Brushes

Should work in other recent versions of PS. Suited for those new to Space Art.

10 Brushes for painting nebulae. Several of these are "dirty" by design. This helps in creating the "dust" of a nebula as opposed to sharp edges.

Recommend that you use most of them on a low opacity level (1-5%) with angle and size jitter turned up in the brush attributes settings. Tap out each brush stroke as opposed to just dragging the mouse/pen. This will help in creating unique patterns.

The smudge tool is your FRIEND - use it, a lot. It will aid in blending layers together. Vary your colors, A LOT. This will help in creating volume.

REMEMBER: Using brushes to paint is only utilizing part of their potential. Using them as Erasers (and again fiddling with their attributes and opacity) can yield some awesome results from what would otherwise be a bland brush stroke.

I highly recommend you check out this tutorial: [link]


This is another excellent tutorial: [link]
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thank you very much

Thank you. Very nice.

Thanks for sharing, love this textures!
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Thanx for sharing! :clap::D
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Very lovely textures in these, I've just downloaded them and I'm looking forward to playing with them further.
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Used this wonderful stock here. Thank you! :rose:
XIXth Major Arcana - The Sun by MonochromaticART
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I'm sorry, but how do I download this?
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used!:la: [link]
thanks for sharing!
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Wow, thanks! This are amazing.
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BluyStardust Sent me. I'm glad she did! Thanks so much. I've been trying to find my nitch in all of this. Some people say don't use brushes. Other say don't use cloud pic, paint everything yourself. It's all very overwhelming and confusing. I think I will just combined a little of each method. I mean there is no wrong way in art right? People felt Picasso wouldn't amount to much because his art wasn't very "traditional" looking. One question though, what are some common blend modes used to achieve the effects?
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Used your brushes here: [link]
Thanks for making them! :)
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and again here! :D
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lol I was going WT? seeing you using Tsarye's brushes..thief, thief....doh! Forgot you ARE
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all of these names changes people are doing throws me
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Used your brushes here:[link]
Thanks a lot!
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