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Resource Pack 2 Starfields

Never run into the title character limitation before, huh. Anyway...

Starfields, Clusters & Nebulae

This is a collection of Starfields, starfield clusters, and various fractal based nebula. Since I had so many of these laying around, several of which I have no intention of using, I thought I’d pass them along to you guys and gals.

Feel free to use them in any of your work, commercial is fine. I would appreciate some credit and a link back if you do use them. I also love to see what you do with them so shoot me a link.


Please keep in mind that each layer of this PS CS3 file is an individual 'starfield', in its raw form - meaning I have not prepped it to be simply dropped into a new painting. Often times you'll find that there is too much 'noise' in the field. You can reduce this (or increase it if you so choose) by playing with the Levels and Curves settings. I highly recommend you do that. And remember to use the sharpen filter/tool where needed.

Also, these are not prepped to be tiled. The edges can be sharp in most cases which means you’ll need to get busy with the eraser to blend them in. The clone tool can also be a nice friend in converting these to something original. I have found that putting these layers on ‘Screen’ or ‘Linear Dodge’ blending mode works the best. Mix and match could bear fruit as well.

Some of these might be considered complete garbage, but you never know what somebody might be able to do with them. I do personally believe that there are a few gems in here, guess it depends on your mind’s eye.

I’d recommend checking out Synax’s tutorial on Apophysis Nebulas. [link]

Have fun.

© 2009 - 2021 GlennClovis
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Thanks,used here:

Welcome to hell
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Thank you very much for this fantastic, gorgeous stock! Used here:…
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fantastic stock, thanks so much, used here:…
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Used again ,with many thanks, here:…
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Thank you so much for this stunning, fantastic stock!!! Used here:…
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Thank you so much for your awesome stock! I used it here:…
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used here [link] thanks
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Thanks, used here: [link]
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gless thanks alot for such a powerful help i used both your brushes from pack2 and 3 (nebulas) to make this [link] hope you like it
and i wish that you give me your tricks on this pack , how in hell did you get an amazing star fields plz tell me
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Used here: [link] Thanks a bunch^^
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thank you so much!
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thnx dear im working on deviation soon I will share a link with ;)
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Thanks for this tsarye, it was a big help with filling in some background details so I can focus more time on vehicles etc.

Used here: [link] and here: [link]
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Used here! [link] :la:

Thanks for this stock! :D
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LOL I ran into a title character limit a while back and was very surprised, so I'm right there with you :P

Love the starfield pack! The coloring and lighting is lovely!
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hello ! I used the wonderful stock there : [link]
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Very nice. Used briefly here [link]
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