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Funny how something I had destined for the scrap pile can come back to life after a few months of a break.

Really needs to be viewed full size, thumbnail doesn't quite cut it.

Thanks for any favs and/or comments. :)

Edit: 01/01/10 Some color issues fixed as well as some other updates
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Fantastic beauty! I am in awe ...
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The detail is incredible. Looks like a photo.
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one of the best nebula i've ever seen in my life O_O;
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whaaaaaa awesome!!!! looks incredible!
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That is sick, I think its the best nebula painting I have seen, I love the colours and the form of the nebula is amazing.
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Same thing happened with my piece I recently edited. It was pretty lame and then I let it sit for about 3 months and just got around to editing it and now it's my best piece IMO.
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God those colors are amazing..
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This is beautiful. You have captured the nebula very well. Fantastic work!
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Aside from a few of the stars, this feels like a perfectly natural nebula. Great job!
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This is one of my favourite space art images of all time.
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Wow, thank you, big time :)
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Awesome man, space has nothing on your art.
Draztak's avatar which I mean the same as *SuperStinkWarrior before me.
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You work astronomical magic!
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Breath taking, I feel like I'm falling in it
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