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Carrier Concept-mk23
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Published: June 17, 2015
Pre-Alpha Exploratory Concept ship for the upcoming Starfighter, Inc. space combat sim.

Check it out at
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Smiling-Demon|Hobbyist General Artist
Looks awesome in my books Glenn!
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how do you think this ship will last against the UNSC and the covenant?  
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It would be a paper-weight.  The ship has no artificial gravity and is (will be ?) from an era 450+ years prior to that war.
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o shalko sound like a bad day for the crew. (smiling nervously) how do you think ship will do against the A.D.F star ships. here's and example.

The sound of hard breathing troy running down a dull gray hall way of a star ship with defining battle station sirens echoing throw the hall way; then all of a sudden the ship shakes and shudders violently knock him down as the sound of explosive decompression thunders though the ship. Troy came to a window he was barely tale info to see out of; he spots a Covenant battle cruiser over the planet of Warsaw with her amber oceans below and he watches as the ship side started to glow red as six strikes of white light plummets onto the ship. The ships’ shield glowed silver blue as six holds formed in the shield letting the white strike smashing into the ship in six deferent spots. Each spot erupted with a large bright silent explosions; the cruiser’s shield glowed and engulfed ship then exploded out word and dissipated out of existents the ship started to fall to the planet as a ship 10 times smaller pulled up above the cruiser. Troy can barely see the ship itself because it was painted black, but he can see the motion of the ship as it turns to is side and started to rain bright red beams of light onto the ship then four bright blue beams along with six orange strikes of light hit the ship. The blue beam hit the ship mid-section passing cleanly throw the ship as the orange strikes of light hit the base of the ship bulbous head. Small explosions started to erupted all over the ship as purple chunks started to rip off as the ship started to inter Warsaw’s atmosphere then a bright blue explosion erupted out of the center of the cruiser the concussion brakes the mid-section in half and ripping the ships bulbous head off as the ship starts to rips apart violently above Warsaw as the ship burns way. Then the black ship tuned back over and pulled a high yo yo, but in the middle of the maneuver a purple blue beam of light hit the victorious ship near the rear then the ship exploded into a bright white light with the explosion twins as big as the ship vaporizing it.

this seclusion is from my fan fiction called pokemon star runner it's part of the next chapter that i'm typeing right now.

Also to let you the ship that troy was on has shields they were down and recycling there charge before coming back online and the ship that was vaporized it ships weren't rated for a plasma projector also the covenant got lucky on that shot as well. 
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