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This deviation was deleted

This excellent drawing of a an Albertaceratops was actually not done by theSpinosaurusGuy/Brenden, but by paleontologist Manabu Sakamoto of the University of Bristol.

Here is a link to where it appeared on Mr. Sakamoto's blog, from 2007. Please also note, Brenden has not removed Mr. Sakamoto's signature.

It seems most if not all the pencil drawings by theSpinosaurusGuy have been stolen from Manabu Sakamoto, a paleontologist well-known to the paleo-art community, and a member of Art Evolved. These will be reported to dA as violations of copyright.

Stealing artwork under copyright seldom pays off. Most topics (such as paleontology) are followed by small but highly interested fans, and frauds are quickly exposed.

theSpinosaurusGuy, I hope you learn your lesson, and refrain from theft in the future.
8 out of 8 deviants thought this was fair.


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