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Winged Trilobite - Brushes app

Still practicing with the Brushes app on my iPod Touch. Did this while on the streetcar and subway.

I kind of like the sketchy pencil lines. Trying to keep my practice pieces simple. Limited colour palette, subject I'm familiar with and a dark background. I think that's always best when exploring a new medium.

More here at The Flying Trilobite .
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Freaking excellent.
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Thanks! I have three different iPod apps now, and I'm really digging Sketchclub. Perhaps I'll put up some more trilobites done that way.

This one came out well but the hardest thing was setting the pencil tool to a small size: all the apps seem to make the brushes really huge and you change the size on a slider. Makes it hard to get tiny line widths.
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Done on iPod Touch? :wow:

:iconmadnessplz::iconsaysplz:This is madness!

Does the iPhone have a similar function?
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This was with the Brushes app, it's like 3 bucks. I can't wait to get SketchMobilePro, that's supposed to be good too. And there's others, like Layers.

Brushes is pretty elegant for a painting program. This is a mere doodle compared to what artists have producted for The New Yorker.
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I'm impressed. Digital art is one thing, but music player/phone art? Maybe an iPhone would be a worthwhile investment...
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huh - ipod touch has an art mode? o0

This is rather good, I like the sketchiness and otherworldly feel of it ^^
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There are a number of cheap iPod Touch art applications available, this one is Brushes by Steve Sprang.

Thanks, Whisperelmwood. I like the sketchiness too.
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ah i love your winged trilobites
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Thanks! Even one as cramped as this? I did have fun with the wings though.
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every winged trilobite is cool
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