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Trilobite Tree

This Trilobite Tree was a fun experiment. You can read more about it at The Flying Trilobite, here:

The object in the corner is a stylised calymene enrolled to look like the moon.
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i love how you mixed nature with these amazing creature.
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Thank you very much! I set it as a challenge to myself.
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There's nothing wrong at all with being obsessed with trilobites:)

This is a very cool and creative drawing! Is that an eye I spot in the trunk of that tree...?
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Yeah, that's an eye. You know how it is. Carpenter ants start building nests in a tree, the tree tries to form a knot to isolate the infestation, the knot starts blinking one day, and there's an eye. Happens to beech trees and maples all the time here in Ontario. Not so much to birch.

I don't do a lot of optical illusions or hidden pictures, but I am a fan of them. This one was a challenge to myself to see if I could get the branches to do it and still marginally look like a tree.
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I don't want to alarm you, but, you might have a SLIGHT obsession with trilobites. But I like
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Hopefully this spring I'll get that tattoo I designed.
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I only hope the trilobites appreciate all the love and attention ;)
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