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The Forever Painting

This painting contains many of my motifs: flying trilobites, fossils, candle-statues, and heavy atmosphere. It is a diptych, smaller canvas on top.

You may read more about it on my site, The Flying Trilobite,
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I love your little obsessions :) I also love how warm your pallet is, I try but I alway seen to veer off to the cool side of the colour wheel.
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I used to really dislike doing anything with warm colours, but then I discovered naples yellow mixed with quinacradone orange, and there is something so appealing about it. It's the same with home decor. I used to hate dark woods, but now I shy away from the blonde woods.
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Well your colours are very appealing and add to the atmosphere of your subjects very well. Kudos.
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Fascinating painting :)
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Thank you, Disgustling. Let me know if you need clarification on any part of it: the actual work is about 4'x6'.