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Mythical Flying Trilobite

I did this painting in oil on a piece of shale. It was featured in Seed magazine's online page, Page 3.14 along with a profile about me. You can find it at:
It was fantastic to get my work in front of so many scientists, and now, fellow artists.
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Great idea and nice colours!
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This is still my favourite - it's the geologist in me :)
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This is...amazing, elegant and inspiring...a brilliant concept that opens endless possibilities!
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That's hopefully the idea! Why not imagine and play with scientific findings?

Thanks, hollowhorizon!
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my grandpa studies Trilobite and he works at the feild musem
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Well, your grandpa is a lucky duck! Does he have a favourite Order of trilobite?
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i dont really now he just studie vertabrey from that time period
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Great piece, are you a fellow biological illustrator?
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I'm not sure. I haven't been paid to illustrate anything yet. I really enjoy drawing fossils and nature though, usually with a bit of a surreal twist.

Umm, if you're interested, there's more at my website. [link]
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I think publicity is just as good as getting paid though. If this was featured in a science journal of some kind then I would definately consider you an illustrator. Carl Buell didn't get paid for his ambulocetus or pakicetus drawings but they're still by far his most popular works.
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This is true. I did have a feature on Page 3.14, the online editorial of Seed Magazine. So that was very cool.

How about you, where do you hope to go with your work?
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