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Mjr. Barker + Pterosaur Squad



Major Billy Barker & his Pterosaur Squadron, oil on canvas. By Glendon Mellow, 2009. A submission for the Pterosaur Gallery.

The paint is still wet, thus, the photo at a weird angle to prevent glare. My piece inadvertently has ties to the Pterosaur Gallery's launch coinciding with Canada Day.

Sometimes as an artist, I get an image full-blown in my mind; that was the case here. Composition, lighting, hues. I needed some details for the biplanes. So I did a bit of online poking, and found the story of a true Canadian adventurer, perfect to add to my concept painting. Major William George "Billy" Barker was a World War 1 flying ace and Victoria Cross recipient who flew Sopwith Camels against German Fokkers. Although I could not find any information indicating he fought against the infamous Red Baron, Manfred Von Richtofen, I thought these two ace pilots would heighten the drama in this alternate history. Of course, Major Billy Barker has a trick up those RAF sleeves: his fighting pterosaur squadron, made up of Quetzalcoatlus northropi.

Happy Canada Day!

(you can also read a bit more about this painting at my artblog, The Flying Trilobite.

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(edit- I put up a nicer version of the painting-GM)
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Pterosaurs + WWII dogfights = EPIC AWESOME-NESS!!!