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Life With Diatoms

Oil on canvas.
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Yes that is my wife in this painting. Delicacy & beauty are the reasons, Jacqueline, and always fascinating...
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Awesome. We <3 invertebrates. From the complex ancient arthropods that swam the devonian seas to the tiniest little protozoans that make O2 and O3 a thing of abundance on earth. We salute you spineless little wonders!
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Thanks again Jacqueline! I love the delicate structures diatoms create, turning minerals in the ocean to opal-like crystal skeletons. I've associated it with my wife for a while now in a few paintings. This painting actually has a bit of acrylic in it. I used two colours of Pebeo dyna acrylics to give the diatoms a two-tone shimmer effect that doesn't show up well in a photo.
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Awe, thats very sweet! Is that your wife in this painting? Is there any particular reason why you depict her with diatoms?