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Life As a Trilobite

This is an oil on canvas featuring an interesting variety of trilobites, and an anthropomorphic trilobite-human figure.
You can see more on my website, The Flying Trilobite at

Comments are most welcome.
-Glendon Mellow
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You're awesome! I wish I was that talented :)
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Thanks! Trilobite Boy is usually based on an Elrathia kingii; archetypal and plain in my opinion.

Hilarious! I do have eventual plans for a Trilobite Girl, but she may not be who you think. In any case, his eventual girlfriend is Anomalocarid Girl, who is fully human and just wears a dress modelled after the beastie. ;-)
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hahaha, i just had a strange vision of another female trilobite (a crotalocephalus) falls in love with TB (possibly a cambropallas telesto?) (lol what's TB based on? :P)... and i can just imagine how she would look like... yuck!

btw, i like the onnia on the top right! great oil painting! :D

hmm. make the female crotalocephalus wake him up. that'll be hilarious! :)
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well dont make that anomalocariid eat trilobite boy! after all, im sure that boy's got a soft heart! :P

is it just me, or does TB have two bodies?
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Good eye, Henry!v

When Trilobite Boy sleeps or gets wet, his body grows a full giant trilobite carapace around it, and he wakes up someplace else. He things he's dreaming, but he's actually in another time and place.

We'll get to that part of the story soon, and who the only person is who can wake him up. ;-)
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Beautiful. If gives me a whole new perspective on those little buggers. ;D I have two fossils of them at home.
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Thanks so much! I'm doing a whole series now with this character as "Trilobite Boy".
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Baw, he's so cute. <3 I love Trilobite boy.
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Thanks Jazzy-Spazzy! I'm working on "Trilobite Boy Saves the Day" next. After that, he'll meet the female character, based on anomalocarid.
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Oh no he's gonna get eaten! ;A;
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That's the worry! Femme fatale type of character who delights in tormenting him. In a fun way.
Jazzy-Spazzy's avatar
Poor guy. :c
I hope he's got a few tricks up his sleeve. Would you mind if I did TB fanart?
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I'll ask for a crediting link, but that sounds great! Funfun.

Here's a link to past posts if you need any reference.

Drop me a line when you do it! I'd love to post the piece on my blog.

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I really love this! Having visited your blog and scoured your gallery, I must say I highly approve, and am enthralled. And it's not just the trilobites. I really wish I had a comparable talent in such studies!
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Many thanks, putti-plush! I'm pretty much self-taught when it comes to science. Read lots and lots, and start with Richard Fortey and Richard Dawkins!

You've certainly got a lot of talent in your area of expertise. Your gallery is a nice mix of classical beauty and modern manga.
putti-plush's avatar
I grew up in a manga household, one of those mythical "second generation anime fans." Because of it, I can never shake the influence, but luckily I don't worship it. I'm pretty much addicted to reading science books and magazines, especially in the field of paleontology. The hard part is taking what you read and turning it into articulate drawings. I think bringing the past alive in art, even with creative license is a beautiful thing to do. We can't marvel at the little trilobites anymore, so why not include them in art? When people are looking for strange and fantastic creatures for their stories, I always say that's there's no stranger place to look than the fossil record!
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I completely agree. It is one of the tihngs that drives my art. My favourite period is the Symbolist fin-de-siecle, the mauve 1890's with all the doom & gloom of the industrial era looming. I like that era because it showed how traditional biblical and mythological stories could become new visual metaphors for the era.

I think the same can be said, almost in reverse, if you like. Why not use the modern images and knowledge to create metaphors of wonder, love, death, and so on?
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I really wish my teacher had brought that time period to life better! He was overly focused on performance art and sharks suspended in vats of formaldehyde to care about art styles, even from the same period, which were outside of his favourite styles. I happen to love Art Nouveau, which many people see as passe by now, but frankly, the combination of organic lines and an attempt to remould our reality with pure imagination appeals to me much like the stark colour contrasts used. Interesting that our tastes come from the same time period! Two different artistic reactions to the same cultural problem, in the end.

Hmm, that is indeed compelling. I think one problem currently is that we lack both an idea of what "modern" is nowadays, and a tsable frame of reference. In the high art world, modern art seems to be not so much "what we're doing now" as "we're complaining about what was happening then." I know that there are artists who are creating their own unique visual "landscapes" of ideas right now, but they get little to no attention. Instead, shock art makes the news while people who are trying to expand our visual and metaphorical vocabulary are being ignored.
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This is really interesting--in fact, your entire gallery is. I love the subject of studies. The array of colors in this skin are great. I'm a horrible oil painter, so I respect anyone who manages to use it!
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Thanks, your comments mean a lot! There are a few more pieces on my blog, if you can stand the subject matter. >grin<
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amazing! what was the media?
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This one is done in oil paint. I poured some stand oil over it at the very end in an attempt to make it really glossy. The stand oil clumped and pooled in a weird way, but looks organic so I am pleased with it.

Thanks Jacqueline.
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Thanks lunacy79!
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