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Introducing Sara Chasm

ART Evolved: Life's Time Capsule makes its mark on the innertubes!

A gathering of 11 blogging paleo-artists, we've launching with a group gallery filled with horned frilliness. Ceratopsian dinosaurs! Drop by and make a comment or twenty.

I've chosen to paint a chasmosaurus, entitled Introducing Sara Chasm. Chasmosaurus is one of my very favourite fossils that I've been visiting since I was a kid at the Royal Ontario Museum. I've anthropomorphized her a tad.

"Making of" post to follow at The Flying Trilobite. This piece is a mixture of a digital background and traditional oils for Sara.

Ceratopsian+Chasmosaurus+sarcasm= Sara Chasm.
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HAHAHA this is so very very appropriate...

The dean at my school just "resigned" last week because she was caught spray painting signs at another college right across the street from our campus...

Although this picture is awesome for plenty of reasons, right now I'm really loving the spray paint XD
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That's...that's...amazing! Really?! Any chance her name was Sara?

What did she spray paint?
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Alas, her name was Betsy Boze (apparently this story made quite a few headlines, so feel free to look it up)

She claimed that she was "fixing" one of Stark State College's signs with spray paint. She said that the arrow on the sign was wrong, so she just took it into her own hands to see that it got fixed. It's not so much weird that she was spray painting things, but rather that she thought that kind of behavior was OK... really makes you wonder.

Unrelated topic: I got to see E O Wilson speak at Case Western on Tuesday:)
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EO Wilson!

Man, I wish I was still in university.
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It was awesome- I just can't believe that he's still so active in the science community at his age!

I think the best thing he said was in response to the last question that a grad student asked him after his talk. A student asked how he felt about religion suppressing science and free thought and Wilson began talking about his southern baptist upbringing (and I thought being raised catholic was bad!). The student asked him how someone can move forward from that kind of thinking and Wilson responded with, "I hate to end with this statement, but I just found evolution to be more fun!"

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That there is pure distilled awesome in a jar.

It's true too. The amazing-ness of evolution is what weaned me off of the vaguely pagan beliefs I held as a teen. Praise pikaia. ;-)
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haha, really nice :D
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Thanks! I wanted to do something a bit different.
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