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You can read more about it here at The Flying Trilobite.

When questioned how the fossil record of evolution could be falsified, J.B.S. Haldane replied, "Fossil rabbits in the Precambrian".

Check out the puzzle's second configuration: true trilobites.
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It looks awesome! I love your trilobites.
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Thanks so much! Glad you like it.
There's so much detail in here. That must of taken u eons. OK, well not eons - but u kno what I mean.
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Thanks! It did take a while, but I had the rabbit all planned. The trilobites were mostly free-form after re-arranging it.

It is one of those paintings I'm proud of, but now think I could do better. A second version is in the works. ;-)
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Wow, this and it's counterpart are totally amazing.
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Thanks, SamuraiDragon! I'm pretty proud of this piece. Hard to display though. I like to be able to flip it from one to the other every once in a while.

Currently, it's in my studio in a shadowbox frame with a hanged door.
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These must take a lot of work and brain power :clap:
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Kinda. I planned it on scraps of paper using tape.

Getting the rabbit bones right took a while. It's hard to draw on the shale, so I had to eyeball it with the paintbrush.
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It hurts my brain thinking of your brain working that out! Turned out great though. :thumbsup:
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Thanks! I like the scan better than the photos.
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