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Flying Trilobite Fossil III

Oil on shale, pencil on bristol and some digital painting with Photoshop and an Intuos 3. Copyright Glendon Mellow 2009.

You can see some making of posts and this image as my 2009 blog banner at my blog, The Flying Trilobite.

It was trundling toward some crinoids when it was tragically covered in mud and fossilized. Normally I have painted these with bat wings: how do the insect wings compare?
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while I do like the skeletal fossil with bat wings, I truly love this insect-winged version. And yeah, it makes me think of fairies. Cool fairies. Not sissy fairies. Love it. oxo
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LOL! Thanks!

Now I feel a need to paint some sissy fairy-winged trilobites. Just to climb that mountain, so to speak.
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A trilobite fairy?
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That's where a lot of the inspiration for flying trilobites came from in the first place. :-)
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I like the wings. :) And the palette is lovely.
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Thank you very much, Pixelfish!

I tried to depart from the darker colours of the previous two in part to match my blog's new aesthetic. Glad you like it.
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I think I rather like the insect wings, actually - they evoke fairies and the like, which gives it an even more other-worldly feeling. Don't know if that was what you were going for, but there you have it XD
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I'm a big fan of faerie paintings myself. It was probably floating in the back of mind somewhere.
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Good to see you again!

Can't give you critique, but your work does make me think, so thank you for that :-)
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Thank you Not-Bernard!

But what does it make you think about? Puppies and ice cream?

The flying trilobites are mainly me having fun with scientific discoveries in a fantastic and unreal way. That's the starting point to these pieces.
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Puppy ice cream, actually :-)
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Well at least that makes sense.
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I like all the different elements (you know me: decorative papers, gold leaf etc.) Everything has come together very successfully here. If I wasn't already familiar with your shale pieces I would think the shale here was painted. I also really like the movement from the painterly to the linear. (Haven't you done insect wings before or am I thinking of your drawings?) :kitty:
GlendonMellow's avatar
Yeah, it was in the drawings, and a couple of canvas paintings; not the shale or blog banners before.

Thanks Fancy!
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