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Darwin Took Steps

This surreal portrait of Charles Darwin was done for The Eloquent Atheist online literary magazine, for Darwin Day 2008.

You can see the image at The Eloquent Atheist, [link] .

I posted a 'making of' on my blog, The Flying Trilobite you can see here at this [link] .

Oil on canvas paper.

Merry Darwin Day!
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Its incredible, beatiful...
Science inspired art as this, make
me remember what Dawkins said
about the wonder of the
natural world being the greatest posible
inspiration for art.

Darwin did for Biology, the same
what Newton did for Physics.

Man, your work its awesome, im
a Biologist so your art touch me
more deeply if thats factible.
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Thank you very much, OriginalZero!

This is indeed the reason I create art. I have always been painting and drawing, but after reading Dawkins River Out of Eden in University, it changed my direction.

That's why my blog, The Flying Trilobite has the tagline, Art in Awe of Science. There is so much beauty in understanding how the world really works, it feels as though using traditional painting techniques is one way to draw other people's attention toward that.

Biologists like yourself are working with living beauty.
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It's awesome. I love this kind of conceptual pieces :P...
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Many thanks =Paw-BR!

I'm pretty happt with how this turned out. Please check out The Eloquent Atheist, where I originally had this posted.

Paw-BR's avatar
My pleasure =D.
I did pay a look, but I didn't go too deep. I have it on my links to surf a bit deeper :P...
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This? Right here? Awesome. Nice conceptual piece!
GlendonMellow's avatar
Thanks emptybook! Very much appreciated.
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Cool! Can't believe I missed this when you posted it!

My deviation watch list gets so flooded with the insect club's posts I often miss the deviations I really want to look at!
GlendonMellow's avatar
One might say you suffer a plague of insects.

Thanks Jacqueline!
GlendonMellow's avatar
Many thanks!

Love your exquisite cropse stuff. Gorgeous.
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yeah, the EC stuff is great fun. I checked out your blog page, pretty interesting. right now I am taking automontage photos of sap beetles (checking this site out while the pictures are being snapped). bugs are much cooler looking under the microscope for sure...........
GlendonMellow's avatar
I added your site to my blogroll.

Don't forget to wash the sap off the lens!
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