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Twilight Sparkle

Hello again to fellow Bronies and Pegasisters! Here is the newest FIM stained-glass fan art featuring Twilight Sparkle!
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Can I put this on to a shirt for myself?
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Yep, if you wish so! 😄
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Don't worry, I'll be sure to just use it for myself alone and credit the design back to you. I'm not about to go stealing someone else's design for myself and claim that I made it. You deserve all the credit for the beautiful artwork you do.
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Nice craftsmanship man!
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This is absolutely incredible! I love this series of things. How exactly are them made? Photoshop?
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Yep, just as you said it: Photoshop, the miracle tool to make awesome artworks in Deviantart and other stuff in the world!
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Phenomenal! Now THIS is my favorite out of all! I'm quite surprised that this didn't get a DD, unlike Fluttershy's.

Quick, someone suggest a DD! We got a good one!
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Nice text art! And the depth and the way the beams of light are interacting with the picture... (sorry I ran out of words)
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Amazing work! :)
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epic as usual, BEAUTIFUL
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Just noticed this on Equestria Daily.

Totally spectacular!  B-) (Cool) 
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BRB... melting colored glass :D
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this details :D
i love it 
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Your work puts the stained glass in Celestia's castle to shame. Well done.
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Beautiful, I absolutely love it!
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