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My Glee Ships by Amythegleelover12345
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First Day at Dalton Academy - GLEE by BeckyOMalet92
Hedwig Cosplay by OfCourseVlada
Chris Colfer - Chibi by gaylinda
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Happy Halloween - Santana by XxLive-Love-WritexX
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Glee: Kurt by Freaky-chan Glee: Kurt :iconfreaky-chan:Freaky-chan 30 8 Klaine Kisses by ForeverReid Klaine Kisses :iconforeverreid:ForeverReid 24 38 raising hope by JanneLupin31933 raising hope :iconjannelupin31933:JanneLupin31933 4 0 Klaine sketch by NittaSuzuna Klaine sketch :iconnittasuzuna:NittaSuzuna 18 9 Dianna Agron by Liiinou Dianna Agron :iconliiinou:Liiinou 26 2 Kurt Wonka by ParallelPenguins Kurt Wonka :iconparallelpenguins:ParallelPenguins 75 18 Isn't she Lovely by xXExenoratedXx Isn't she Lovely :iconxxexenoratedxx:xXExenoratedXx 29 18 Brittany, Kurt, Glee 3D by ana-wandmaker Brittany, Kurt, Glee 3D :iconana-wandmaker:ana-wandmaker 229 69 Born this way off Facebook by FiiJC Born this way off Facebook :iconfiijc:FiiJC 1 2 Naya Rivera - Santana Lopez Glee by 8Reckless-Abandon Naya Rivera - Santana Lopez Glee :icon8reckless-abandon:8Reckless-Abandon 84 10 blaine and kurt by StepPuki blaine and kurt :iconsteppuki:StepPuki 135 10
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It hadn't even been five minutes in the new, large school and Kurt Hummel already felt completely lost. The red-headed guidance counselor who he had met insisted on not taking his hand and easily leading him through the almost impenetrable sea of students, on account of "foreign germs, no offense". It took him a moment to figure out exactly what she had said, his English new and rusty. He struggled to keep up with her as she carefully weaved through the crowded hallway as to not touch anyone. Finally, after what seemed like forever and had Kurt readjusting his Asos leopard print and leather blazer, they reached an old wooden classroom door. The pale boy sighed.
It was so different at the schools here compared to his own school back in Marseille. In France, the academic work had been so much farther ahead than the work he had had the chance to preview here. He had been the best in his Philosophy class, and was quite disappointed to find they didn't teach that here. Actually, most of the
:iconcremefeathersfalling:cremefeathersfalling 23 16
Chord Overstreet by Liiinou Chord Overstreet :iconliiinou:Liiinou 14 4 Breakeven by AnnPoison Breakeven :iconannpoison:AnnPoison 8 1 Kurt Hummel - Glee by Zizzorhands Kurt Hummel - Glee :iconzizzorhands:Zizzorhands 17 10 Emma - Glee by toonseries Emma - Glee :icontoonseries:toonseries 18 0


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Hello Gleeks! it turns out I am the only asmin still active in the group and I need help!
I thought i could do it on my own...but my life is geting in the way.

What i need are people who can edit blogs (like keep everyone up to date with the Glee episodes and news about Glee)

People to help add submissions (though thats a tough area to describe)

All these people IF you would like to volunteer would help me (and the GleeClub) GREATLY!!

just send me a note :)
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Please, all THE GLEEKS FANS, I need help to get partner on Youtube :D I do many things, but in spanish, in a future (no so far) i will upload in Inglish, please follow meeee I'll apreacciate so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…
Markimoofan863 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2013   Artist
idk if u all saw but they just gave the news of how he passed here is the link
Number-One-Nerd Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I wish I could have brought myself to get a Twitter so I could talk to him. I've heard so many stories from fans about their conversations with Cory.

I wish I could have brought myself to believe that he would want to talk to this weird girl.

I would I could have just brought myself to actually tell him how much I appreciate the way he represents so many things that mean the world to me...

But now I'm...just... It's not happening.

But my prayers and condolences go to the ones who were personally close to Cory Monteith. I at least know how much a loss like this hurts... And though those words are never really the right ones... I just hope they can find strength during these tough times.

Rest In Peace, Cory Monteith.
You will be missed like no other.
prettypixieeyes Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2013
He took the midnight train going anywhere...
Rest in Peace, Cory.
VictoriaMartinsBR Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You will forever be in our hearts! You sing for us up there. ♥
MermaiderDoc Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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Rest in peace Cory. :(
Camoche Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
RIP Cory Montheith :(
RadiantWingz Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013  Student Artist
Over glee Kurt is totally mine!! (In my la la world Kurt is not gay lol) I'm on season 3 episode 2 so I'm a little behind and I don't know what websites i could watch it on. I watched the two other ones on mega share but it's to pixelated can anyone tell me some sites I can watch glee on an that's it HD??
Nikevi Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013
ok guys sorry for taking up your time but, i think my friend :iconthegirlwhoisatinygal: has been feeling lonely lately (her friends are somewhat flakey from what i understand) and i'm trying to be her friend but i've been really busy lately and i don't want her to be even more lonely because she seriously doesn't deserve that. if any of you are glee, harry potter/avpm, chris colfer, darren criss, or danny phantom fans, i don't want you to be like forced to try to be friends with her but if you could go to her page and say something nice, or just comment on one of her artworks or start a conversation i think she would appreciate that, she's a very sweet person. again, don't want to like force you or anything but if you want a friend you should talk to her. i don't want her to be lonely, when i was younger i thought (heck, still do) she was the coolest person and i looked up to her so much. she means a lot to me and i want her to be happy
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