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So some user on that same NFT site stole all my Valor Girl pictures. Every other day they steal something. It doesn't matter if I flag the stuff, it just keeps happening. So screw it, let them steal it. The whole point of an NFT is to own something unique, and if the person buying my stolen work are so stupid not to do a google image search they deserve to get ripped off. I'm done with fighting with a site that does nothing to combat piracy or protect it's members from scams. OpenSea can suck a cucumber.

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I was thinking about doing a "F*ck, Marry, Kill" but change it to "Crazy, Sexy, Cool" (in honor of TLC)... but I couldn't think of any questions to rank people/things in. So I'm writing this instead. ... Why am I talking about this?

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Even though I think Comics as a whole has gone down hill, there is a part of me that still remembers the good-ole days. I used to actually read both Marvel and DC regularly believe it or not, and one of characters I followed on the Marvel side was Spider-Man... because who doesn't follow Spider-Man? So, with in mind, here are my ten favorite Spider suits throughout history.

Spider-Man 2099 Suit:

Think Luchador mixed with Spider-Man, and you have Spider-Man 2099’s outfit. It’s basically dark-blue with red trim, but the markings aren’t really variants of the usual Spider-Man logo, but more of a lucha take on it. It’s both unique and traditional at the same time, so I love it. It doesn't hurt that the character himself is pretty cool too.

Silk Suit

-I like Cindy Moon’s take on the Spider-suit, if not her emo character. So much has been done through the years, so it’s hard to do something original. Her outfit is mainly black with grayish/white chest with red webbing and a red lower face mask. It’s simple but it works. Now if only Marvel can get over themselves and write a good story for her...

Black-Suit Spider-Man Suit

-Whether it’s just a cloth suit or the Venom Symbiote the black suit is just cool. There’s a reason why other characters pretty much copied it. Personally I think it’s always looked the best on Peter, though Ultimate Jessica Drew’s Spider-Woman take isn’t that bad either and Julia Carpenter’s modern Arachne version is okay too.

Ultimate Spider-Man Suit

-Say what you want about Miles Morales as a character, his outfit is awesome. Black-and-Red is overused as a color scheme for a reason, but for Miles it works. It's basically all black with red webbing in the traditional Spider-Man pattern. It's classic yet fresh at the same time, which I suppose is supposed to represent Mile's version of the character.

Superior Spider-Man Suit

-Back when Doc Oct took over Peter Parker’s body, he made a variant of the Spider-Man suit. This version looks similar to the Amazing Spider-Man look, only black instead of blue, while also being more tech-looking. I actually like this version better than other tech outfits like Iron-Spider and Spider-Armor because it's still a Spider-Man suit and not trying to be something else.

Sensational Spider-Man Suit

-Ben Reilly's version of the Amazing Spider-Man suit is pretty similar, but the Spider-logo is bigger and there are a bunch of web-shooters strapped to him. Not much to add to an already good design so it works. It doesn't hurt that I actually like Ben Reilly (when Marvel isn't messing up his character).

Original Spider-Woman Suit

-I love Jessica Drew’s costume, and really dislike her revamps. I know they want her to look more modern or cool, but they made her boring. Give me her normal outfit anyway. It's her own look and doesn't ape off of Spider-Man, which is good because... the character herself doesn't. So stop it Marvel.

Kaine’s Scarlet-Spider Suit

-I like the streamline version of Ben Reily’s stupid hoody outfit. It’s all red for the most part, but the top being black much like the blue hoodie. Simple but clean looking, so it’s a win for me. I just with Ben could have wore it instead of edge-boy.

Spider-Ghost Suit

-There probably has been no other character to explode in popular instantly due to their suit like Spider-Gwen. Her outfit is just that good. It's mostly all white, but had dark-red and neon blue trim. The killing part is a hood which kinda fixes other Spider-Women costume problems of what to do with the hair. Either other characters just let it fly which can look dumb or else they cover it up with a full mask would kinda looks weird. The hood acts like a middle ground and works. So yeah, great design overall.

Amazing Spider-Man Suit

-The tried-and-true original outfit is obviously the best. Sure, different artist have tiny variants here and there, but it’s the most recognizable outfit for our favorite web-slinger. Like Batman and Superman, the suit is iconic for a reason. Even with all the variants Spider-Man has had, it always goes back to this.

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A new debut group, H1-Key. After this, I'll be keeping an eye on them.

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So, someone gifted me Core Membership, but dA didn't tell me who. (Typical) So thank you whoever you are!

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